Rutvi Shah, Vrinda Parekh, Sarah Shareef and Sanaa Kabir joined together to create Team Ecolife for this years National STEM competition 2019 following a activity on a Science Excel day in January. Kingsbury was one of eleven schools selected to make it through to the final from over 250.

Team Ecolife created an invention called the ALL-IN-ONE RECYCLER which reached the BP Ultimate Stem Challenge Finals. This took place on Monday the 13 May 2019. The idea was to create a machine that would be able to separate waste into sections using infrared scanners to scan the temperatures of each item to be sorted into categories.

Each member, contributed into presenting their ideas to a panel of expert judges from industry. Rutvi Shah 8B created an animation that showed how the invention would be like in everyday life. Vrinda Parekh 8B made the PowerPoint Presentation that was shown in the Finals. Sarah Shareef 8K presented the steps we took in making a prototype. We all created an amazing prototype showcasing their idea.

Mr Waxman who went to watch them in the final at the Science Museum commented that the girls ”competed well against students from independent and grammar schools.”

Rutvi Shah 8B

Year 11 Evening of Achievement

The Year 11 Evening of Achievement is designed to give us an opportunity to recognise the tremendous amount of effort and commitment our Year 11 students have applied to all aspects of school life over the past two years in the Examination Stage.

It was a very difficult job for the teachers to decide who to nominate from a Year group with so many diligent students, and Kingsbury High School is fortunate to have such well motivated, trustworthy and courteous students who manage to fulfil their potential.  This is only made possible by the continued support of both parents and staff.

145 students were nominated by various faculties, with the awards reflecting the KHS values of PRIDE- Personal Excellence, Respect and Friendship, Inspiration, Determination and Courage and Equality. Musical entertainment was a vocal performance by Harshita Maru, Cody Pereira and Tia Valji, and the evening culminated with the presentation of the Headteacher’s Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for Student of the Year to Riya Shah, Amber Calleja and Dhanish Patel. 

Sandip Das, Stage Leader

Family Festival

On Tuesday 14 May we held another Year 3 Family Festival at Kingsbury High School.

Over 200 pupils attended the event from Oliver Goldsmith, Fryent, Kingsbury Green & St. Robert Southwell schools. The children took part in a carousel of activities which aim to develop their fundamental movement skills of agility, balance & co-ordination.All of the activities were led by a group of forty Year 8 students who had previously completed the ‘Games Force Award in Sport Volunteering’ course which was organised by the School Sports Partnership.

This festival gave them an excellent opportunity to put those skills into practice and they did a fantastic job!

Year 11 Leavers Assembly

On Friday 10th May, Year 11 students attended a final assembly before their GCSE examinations commenced.

The day started with traditional shirt signings in their classes followed by the Leavers Assembly in the School Hall. The occasion was filled with a mixture of sentiments as the students were taken through their five years at Kingsbury High School. Students took to the floor to thank their form tutors and then after some musical performances, they were given a send off full of emotion by their Year Leader, Helen Snow.

At Kingsbury we take pride in celebrating this important moment in their lives, confident that they are ready and able to take the next step. I look forward to their future with a great sense of optimism, and wish Year 11 good health, happiness and every success.
Special thanks go to Daniella for her slideshow presentation, and to Tia, Cody, Harshita, Nikini, Dhanish, Yathavan and Maaran for their musical performances, along with Priscalla, Andrada, Angel, Joy, Layla and Daniella for their dance performance which got the audience out of their seats!

We wish all our Year 11s the very best for their exams and their future.

Sandip Das

Stage Leader

Friends and Family Concert

We held our last highly successful Friends and Family Concert of this year.

We had a range of performances from soloists which included among other instruments guitar, violin and vocals followed by great excitement in the room when our KHS orchestra also stepped up onto the stage. The quality of all of the performances was outstanding, our best Friends and Family Concert to date.

Please join us on Thursday 27 June for the Summer Concert.