The Globe Players


On Monday 22nd June 2015 The Globe Players transformed Kingsbury High’s school hall into a theatre-in-the-round performance space.

Year 7 students surrounded the stage where they were taken through an array of Shakespearean plays. Audible ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ were heard from eager students as scenes from Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night and Richard III were performed.

Second in Charge of the English Department, Jasliene Sangha, said “The performance was a vibrant introduction to the Shakespearean unit students have been studying in their English lessons.”

The LIT Programme


On Monday 15th June 2015, a film crew came to visit Kingsbury High School to capture The LIT Programme in action.

The LIT Programme is an educational programme that Kingsbury High has been piloting with the Hackney Learning Trust over the past three years. Throughout this year around 70 Year 7 students have been involved in the project during their English lessons to improve their reading comprehension and writing skills.

With the footage, The Hackney Learning Trust is making a short, educational film about how The LIT Programme is delivered at Kingsbury High School. The film will feature The LIT Programme lessons, as well as short interviews where both students and staff speak about their experience of the programme this year.

Nicole Assaad, Kingsbury High School teacher and Literacy Champion said “Kingsbury High students have been making tremendous progress. Through this film, which will be made available to other educational professionals through the Hackney Learning Trust website, teachers can offer the same support to their students and will be able to see how to deliver the programme more effectively.”

Primary Festival


On Wednesday 17th June, Kingsbury High School, Year 8, and Woodfield School, Year 7 and 9, students helped to organise and lead a Year 1 family festival. Approximately 120 students from Fryent Primary and St. Robert Southwell Primary Schools attended the festival.

As part of the School Sports Partnership, our festivals are held regularly throughout the year to give the older students a chance to practice their leadership skills whilst also enabling the younger students to develop fundamental movement skills such as agility, balance and co-ordination.

Kingsbury Jump Off for the British Heart Foundation


On Tuesday 9th June 2015, Kingsbury High School hosted the Kingsbury Jump Off to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Year 5 students from Oliver Goldsmith Primary School received training in basic skipping skills prior to the event and then took part in a two hour sponsored skip-a-thon on the day. Lead by Kingsbury High School’s Year 7, Year 9 and Year 10 Sports Leaders, the Year 5 students rotated through skipping stations learning various techniques and exercises at each stop.

The money raised will help fund essential research into the causes and treatment of heart disease, patient care and support.

Students apply physics to football at the Emirates Stadium


Students from Kingsbury High School took part in a day of physics and football at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium on May 15, 2015. The day concluded an eight-week program to engage students with science by applying it to football.

Prior to the day, students had been attending after-school physics and football clubs where they learnt about such concepts as projectiles, impact area and centre of mass and applied their knowledge in practice on the football pitch.

The project was made possible by a grant from the John Lyon’s Charity and was run in partnership with the Institute of Physics (IOP) and Arsenal and Queen’s Park Rangers (QPR) football clubs.

Arsenal has an existing education program that combines football with learning in several curriculum areas, called the Arsenal Double Club. Arsenal in the Community education officer Jack McNicholl said that through it, the club aimed to use football to encourage young people with their learning and to interest them in new things. He said: “It’s been great to work with the Institute of Physics to develop football sessions that help our participants to understand how physics applies to their everyday lives.”

During the program, IOP physics coaches worked alongside each school’s physics teacher to help students explore physics concepts. They then worked with a PE teacher, or a coach from Arsenal in the Community or QPR to apply their knowledge on the pitch.

At the event, the focus was on the spin and trajectory of the ball and why footballers sometimes kick across the ball rather than straight through it. Students learnt how an additional force comes into play when the ball has spin, and experimented with backspin, topspin and sidespin to see how this changes the path of the ball.

As well as football training and physics activities, the day included a tour of the Emirates Stadium and each of the students were given Arsenal-branded attendance certificates and a goody bag to take home. As well as Kingsbury High School, other participating schools included The Crest Academies, Whitefield School and William Ellis School.

The IOP’s project coordinator, Manchi Chung, said: “This has been a unique partnership with Arsenal and QPR, working together to show that physics and its way of thinking can appeal to any and all students, exploring with them how physics does have something to say about how players can refine their footballing techniques on the pitch.”

Thanks to the IOP for the photography.