Boccia Buzz


On Tuesday 14th July Kingsbury High School’s Young Ambassadors hosted their new annual ‘Boccia Buzz’ event at Kingsbury High School. The occasion was attended by students from The Village School and residents from Harrod Court, a local care home. The Young Ambassadors guided students from Year 8 to help them to deliver the Boccia games in a friendly tournament.

As part of the #YAKickstart programme, the project aimed to link the community by bringing all abilities and ages together in a fully inclusive event.

Year 8 Graduation


On Tuesday 7th July, Year 8 students graduated from the foundation stage of a two year programme entitled the ‘Kingsbury Curriculum’. As part of this curriculum, a series of experiences, called the ‘Kingsbury Guarantee’, were offered to students to allow them to explore their talents and abilities. Students completed extended homework projects and community work, organised events and took part in residential activities. This year, Challenge 271, gave them the opportunity to take part in a number of charity events to help Mr Froy raise money for Kidney Research UK. They documented their progress online and in their ‘Kingsbury Guarantee’ booklet.

On the evening of the graduation invited guests enjoyed canapés in the Quiet Garden whilst they were entertained with musical performances. They were then led to the Tylers Hall where the graduation ceremony took place.

Kingsbury High School’s newly appointed Head Boy and Head Girl opened the ceremony followed by Year 8 students arriving at the stage, through a balloon arch and onto a red carpet, to receive their graduation gift bags and, shortly afterwards, their framed graduation certificate.

The evening culminated in the unveiling of honours boards in the Tylers Hall, provided by a legacy Nigel Jamieson left the school when he retired last summer. Hristu (Andrei) Roman and Duvina Toolsee received the new individual trophies for the most highly praised boy and girl graduates.

Five hundred parents and family members attended.


Circus Skills


On Monday 29th June 2015 the National Deaf Children’s Society together with Kingsbury High’s Total Communication Resource organised a creative event for hearing impaired students from Kingsbury High School and Hatch End High School.

The National Centre for Circus Arts (NCCA) delivered the activity, engaging students, as well as staff, in circus skills. This range of activities, which included juggling, acrobatic balancing and the tight wire, allowed for a variety of team building skills: stamina, courage and imagination.

It also gave the more reluctant deaf students a vehicle through which to develop confidence, overcome self-consciousness, and take risks in a safe environment; opening up untapped channels of communication.

Students performed their newly found skills to their peers at the end of the day.

The day was such a great success that both hearing impaired provisions have been invited to visit the NCCA in their own setting and have a tour of the facilities.

Year 12 Enrichment Programme


It has been a very busy last two weeks for Year 12 students, who have been participating in a UCAS and Employability programme that has included guidance on the UCAS online process, trip opportunities to Imperial College (for a ‘Pure Potential’ event) and the universities of Westminster, Hertfordshire and St George’s, University of London, workshops on employment skills and apprenticeships, and one-to-one interviews with experienced advisers. In-between there were also ‘Discover London’ trips to explore historical, cultural and academic landmarks, and our programme ended with a very enjoyable team-building day, where students were asked to rise to the challenge of a series of physical, sporting and mental challenges, and did so with distinction.

We welcomed several speakers to contribute to this year’s programme including Jane Marshall of Imperial College, Binda Bhudia of ‘Pure Potential’ and an impressive team of alumni, and offer our sincere thanks to them for enriching the experience for Kingsbury students. We are already looking ahead to next year’s programme, having been inspired by the quality of the guidance and advice delivered by external providers and seeking, as ever, to build upon what we are able to offer in-house for our students.

Thanks to the Sixth Form Management Team for putting the arrangements in place and the many teachers over the two weeks who gave their time to support the students in these activities.

Kingsbury High & Brent Rock School Perform at The Institute

Students from Kingsbury High School performed alongside students from Brent Rock School at The Institute’s open day on Saturday 4th July 2015.

The Institute, Masons House, Valley Drive, was based in Hampstead for over a hundred years, but relocated to Kingsbury in January. Dedicated to life-long learning, The Institute, offers courses in a range of subjects, but specialises in the arts.

Their open day showcased the range of courses they offer, but also brought the community together with demonstrations, taster classes and performances from a vibrant mix of performers.

Kingsbury High School has been working with Brent Rock School over the last year and the open day gave students the opportunity to come together and perform in front of the Mayor of Brent, Councillor Lesley Jones MBE; Councillor Muhammed Butt; Tessa Awe, Chief Executive at CVS Brent; and the local community.

Present in the audience was Head of Music at Kingsbury High School, Matthew Dominé, who said “I had the pleasure of attending the Open Day at the newly opened Institute in Kingsbury. This was a fantastic day with lots to see and hear and it was great to find out about the opportunities the Institute has to offer the local community. I was especially looking forward to watching some of the talented Kingsbury High School students performing with the Brent Rock School.

“We have been very fortunate to have cultivated a very positive relationship with the Brent Music Service and his has led to Kingsbury High students having some of the best peripatetic instrumental teachers I have had the pleasure of working with. The Brent Rock school, led by Mike McKenzie & Chris Lagos, has been running for the past year at Kingsbury High and attending students have improved significantly musically and also in their ability to play together as a band. There were two fantastic solo performances from Taaha Doraid (Vocals & Guitar) & Emily Snow (Vocals & Guitar) with Emily playing one of her own songs – with lyrics that will have her mother worrying that she is desperate to move to Paris or Tokyo. There were also a number of ensemble performances which featured Jennika Vadher (Keyboard & Guitar), Henry Pearce (Keyboard & Guitar), Zeina Idani (Vocals), Emily Snow (Vocals) & Shelby Lattany (Vocals). They have really gelled as a group and entertained a large crowd which included the Mayor of Brent.

“I am really looking forward to hearing more performances from these extremely talented students and also to possible future link ups with The Institute.”

Mike McKenzie, Brent Rock School co-ordinator added “It was great to stand back and watch the excitement from the students while setting up and sound checking the drums, bass, guitars, keyboard and vocals.

“Performance time was fantastic and the audience was really enjoyed it. The students played 8 songs and kept the audience engaged with banter between songs and great music ranging from Rock, R&B and Pop Music.”

Send My Friend to School 2015


On Friday 3rd July Year 7 students at Kingsbury High School took part in the Send My Friend to School campaign 2015.

2015 is an important year – world leaders will gather this September in New York to decide how to tackle global poverty over the next 15 years. The Send My Friend to School campaign asked young people to ‘step into the shoes of world leaders’ and tell their local MPs how they would deliver a better future for children all over the world.

With this theme, students spent the first part of the day learning about the barriers to education millions of children in the developing world face. Students then made world leader figures with messages about what they would do if they were a world leader. These will be passed on to MP for Brent North, Barry Gardiner, to take to the House of Commons.

Students completed the day by making the shape of an eye on the school playground to tell world leaders: “We’re watching you!”

Ian Lendler Presents The Stratford Zoo


On Friday 26th June 2015, Year 8 students took a break from class to welcome, American author, Ian Lendler to Kingsbury High School.

Ian Lendler is a graphic novel writer whose books are based on Shakespearean plays. While humorous, witty and fun, his books don’t stray too far from the original storyline. Ian went into depth about how graphic novels are put together, how the characters are created and gave inside information on what it takes to get his books ready. Students found his high energy approach funny yet informative.

Year 8 student, Nia Facey said “The best part of the visit was when the author went through Macbeth because it is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays so I found it really interesting to see the way he had adapted the original version to his own.”

Ian said “I think it’s important to get students introduced to Shakespeare as early as possible. And if I can make them laugh and get excited about reading, all the better! I love introducing graphic novels to children because I think it is great way to get them reading.

“It’s important for some students to see that writing isn’t some mysterious ‘art’ process. It’s a real skill that can actually get you somewhere in life. I love encouraging students to take their talent seriously, whatever it may be.”

Ian enjoyed his London tour, but was particularly interested in visiting Kingsbury as it’s where he met his wife; and Kingsbury High as it’s the school his sister-in-law attended. He continued “Because of my personal connection to the Kingsbury area, I couldn’t have been happier visiting Kingsbury High. It’s huge, old, wildly diverse, chaotic and fun. Exactly like London!”

Kingsbury High Celebrates Refugee Week


To celebrate Refugee Week, Kingsbury High School held assemblies where students were encouraged to think about the reasons why people have to leave their homes.

Opening the assemblies, Year 9 student, Yusaf Jawad shared an impassioned speech he had written on the subject.

Poems and words of kindness, written by students, welcoming refugees to the school were displayed in the lower school foyer. This initiative was inspired by Refugee Week’s Simple Acts campaign which believes if everyone does one small, simple action, it could change the way refugees are perceived in the UK.

A selection of refugee related books were on display and available to borrow from the school libraries throughout the year.

EAL Learning Support Assistant, Anne Hantouli, said “It is hoped that the week will encourage all of us, throughout the year, to remember those who seek sanctuary and to build a community whereby refugees live in safety and continue to make a valuable contribution.”