Year 9 Higher Project Qualification

On Wednesday 19th April 2017, 120 of our most gifted and able students in Year 9 spent the evening presenting on some of the most intelligible topics they have researched. Since September, the students have been completing the Level 2 Higher Project Qualification. As one of the core requirements of the qualification, students were to present the research and the essay of their academic topic to a board of assessors.

Ranging from women’s rights to whether war could be justified, students’ presentations were thought provoking, captivating and exciting. Despite a few nerves, throughout the evening all students displayed confidence and overcame some of their biggest fears: presenting in front of a large crowd. The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by a wide range of parents and staff. We wish Year 9 all the best with the rest of their Level 2 Higher Project Qualification and that they get the result they deserve!

Preparing for University

On the 25th April our Sixth Form students had the opportunity to attend a talk by guest speakers Mr Paul Hampson from University of Westminster , Ms Beverley Crooks from Brunel University and Ms Jennifer Nichols-Dunbar from Prevent about life at university. This is the second event organised by the Sixth Form team in order to prepare the students for life after Kingsbury High School, the first one took part during our Excel Day.
Mrs Crooks highlighted during her introduction that ‘This is a great opportunity the school has given the students, not only helping to get into university, but to also preparing for the time at university.’
Both university representatives talked about day to day problems during the first year, from financial issues, to cooking, to homesickness and how to best deal with them. A list of places that are available to students offering help whilst studying, such as student unions, counselling to name but a few, were offered and numerous leaflets left for the students to keep. The students were advised to try and learn simple but essential skills before leaving home, for example how to use a washing machine and cooking.
‘Finding new friends is the biggest concern to new students at university, during school you have your support network of friends and when that is gone, it can be challenging to create new bonds’ Mr Hampson added.
Finally Ms Nichols-Dunbar took the students through her presentation on radicalisation. This is a delicate, but important topic, as new students are vulnerable targets for such organisations.
However the session was not attended to create anxiety for the upcoming life changing events in the students’ life, it was to create awareness that some might find it challenging and show what support will be available to ensure university life becomes the most memorable time of the students’ lives.

Step Into Dance Spring Sharing

Over the past six months, seven keen dancers from Y7, Y8 & Y9, have been working hard to create an exciting piece of choreography for the upcoming Step Into Dance Spring Sharing. On Tuesday 25th April 2017 at Queens Park Community School, the students performed alongside other Brent Schools to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Step Into Dance. Once again these students have represented Kingsbury and the Dance Department to a high standard, and are eager to start work on their next performance piece.

Students from left to right:
Layla Omar, Samiya Hamel, Rhea Vekaria, Iniya Kumar, Ruxandra Grigoras, Daniella Kenga-Bila, Daisy Constantinou
Choreography by Maria Ighoumrassi

50 up

On 22nd April we opened the doors and invited our former students for the day, to help us celebrate 50 years since Middlesex County Council brought together Kingsbury County Grammar School and two secondary moderns, the Tylers and Croft Schools.
With no idea of what numbers to expect we hoped to see some familiar faces and groups coming in to share their experiences with us. No one could have expected such a fantastic turnout and such excitement from former students and staff. People travelled from near and far to walk through the entrance that ‘only teachers were allowed to use’ and take a walk down memory lane. Some used the day as an opportunity for an organised reunion, some wondered in to see who they might bump into. The expressions on their faces were the same when they spotted familiar faces. Tears and laughter followed by ‘do you remember that time when…’ being the most used phrase of the day, captures the day.

Previous Headteachers Mr Mitchell and Mr Snell honoured us with a surprise visit, showing that they still like to recollect their days at KHS.
In K Hall and library a selection of documentation were displayed for the visitors’ reminiscence of their days back in the school. Photos were laid out on tables, free for anyone to take away and numerous old publications were available to read on the day. Groups gathered and enjoyed reliving memories over a cup of tea in the Hall whilst watching the presentations on the screens.

Hourly tours were offered to the Lower School on Bacon Lane, which allowed the guests to stick their heads into their old classrooms, after signing in at the school register. Group photos were taken to recreate those old class photographs.

Thank you to everyone that joined us on the day and made it such a memorable day.