Summer Concert

Tylers Hall was packed with friends, family and staff enjoying the performances of over 100 students from Years 7 to 11  during the Summer Concert.

We had a range of performances from the department ensembles including a choir singing Rain Song and One Last Time. Students have been working hard putting together and rehearsing their own bands. Pieces performed include Baby Shark, Little Talk and Seven Nation Army.  

We were very lucky to have the fabulous staff from Brent Music Service leading the guitar group, the Samba band and the Choir. 

Before the big  Finale where students performed Everybody Needs Somebody To Love the visitors got to enjoy the Kingsbury Ensemble who have been working together all year perfecting their show. 

Primary Maths Mash Up 2019

On Wednesday 26th June, the Maths department held its annual Primary Maths Mash Up. Top mathematicians in Year 5 from Kingsbury Green, Roe Green, Oliver Goldsmith, St Robert Southwell and Fryent Park were invited to Kingsbury High School to work on various mathematical challenges. They were put into 5 teams, each named after a notable mathematician; Fibonacci, Einstein, Newton, Pascal and Pythagoras and led by year 12 mathematics students.

The event kicked off with a captivating maths magic trick from Miss Brobbe which incited the curiosity and excitement of the students before the main challenges. This excitement was maintained throughout the 3 hours of intense mathematics challenges as the year fives worked in mixed school teams with fellow mathematicians they had met for the first time. There was a delightful atmosphere in K hall as all participants, including the audience, beamed with eagerness and excitement to work on challenges such as Make a Number, Speed test and Cross Number.

After 3 hours of intense mathematical problem solving, team Pascal led by Ajanth (Yr12), were announced as the winners. Andreea (Oliver Goldsmith), Olivia (St. Robert Southwell Primary), Kavish (Kingsbury Green), Kailagen (Roe Green) and Ali (Fryent Park) were awarded with the Primary Maths Mash Up trophies, KHS Maths badges and certificates handed out by Miss Brobbe.

Throughout the event, our year 12 volunteers Arezo, Ajanth, Afi, Khushi, Jaival, Monica, Rowan, Samra, Suliaman, Sujayan, Vaishnavi, Vamini and Varshneyan were a true credit to the school; they impressed the visiting primary schools so much that the teachers enquired about inviting them to their schools to deliver maths workshops! 

Our students have been published!

‘Mission Catastrophe’ is the title of the book which features 36 KHS students, more than any of the other 7 schools in the book (including fee paying schools), which is an absolutely outstanding achievement. We are very proud of Maira Khan, Zohair Shaikh, Ali & Mohammed, Sana Hashimi, Alka                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Hirani, Annam Islam, Ved Munshi, Karoline Mirkova, Hassan Hamid, Nilavan Jeyathasan, Luqman Yusuf, Humam Al-Qouraishi, Abdullah Al-Bumuter, Simon Habtemariam, Haris Baciu, Vrinda Parekh, Mobeen Majed Parvez, Clara Marlene Wilson,  Johann Pereira, Larisa Julie Tiganescu, Zahra Jelali, Saif Alam, Acshayaa  Kumar,  Rayahn Stoute, Dravid Patel, Rutvi Shah, Abdullah Qarizada & Cartez, Kunal Menariya, Shanna Sabir, Larisa Nicoleta Silachi, Mohamed Riad Hachoud, Artur Zajac,  Zara Zaman, Radek Dabkowski, Zeynep Alkabi,

Khalid Abdi Nar and Hana Zia.

Thank you to all the parents, carers and especially the staff who encouraged and supported these talented students to write their stories, entering them and getting them published.

2019/ 2020 PREFECT TEAM

Today in a special Sixth Form Assembly our 2018/2019 Headgirl Jumana Elsheikh Ali  had the honours of announcing the 2019/ 2020 Prefect Team. 

As she said in her speech, decisions we not made easily, as so many students have such fantastic backgrounds and exceeded in their interviews. We would like to congratulate Andrei Roman and Duvina Toolsee on becoming the new Headboy and Headgirl.

Their deputies are Eftekhar Ahmed, Jordan Khanu, Nancy Abdulay, Arezo Alizadeh-Meghrazi and Khushi Patel. They will be supported by this year’s Prefects Jaival Patel, Dilkush Punja, Derico Williams, Joel Amoafo Bediako, Samuel Mongare, Stefan Marcu, Fawaz Sajid, Sami Bouroujou, Nicole Roman, Shruti Hirani, Bhavini Patel, Thabina Mohan, Sulakna Herath, Zayna Ahmed, Renee Worrell, Vamini Mepani, Yalda Yama, Kiya Hirani, Shaniya Sanghani, Monica Mootealoo, Virali Patel, Keisha Patel, Diya Patel.

HPQ Evening of Achievement

On Wednesday we held our Higher Project Qualification Evening of Achievement. Throughout this academic year fifteen exceptionally hard working Year 9 students have been researching and creating a project investigating a topic of their choice everyday after school. 

This evening was therefore of dual purpose, firstly to celebrate the hard work of students, and secondly to assess them as part of the presentation element of the HPQ. The students were passionate and informative in their delivery and were excited to share their findings from both primary and seconday research to parents, staff and their peers. 

Clean the school project

Small acts make a big difference… On the 6 June, 8B made a small difference to their school environment. Organised by Laura Mihaela Cretu (8B), the Form took part in the ” Clean the school project”, which consisted of 2 parts: become a more environmental – friendly person and take part in a litter pick in the playground in Tylers’. 

 By taking part in this, the students realised how much litter is carelessly dropped by people of all ages each day. They had fun, while they were helping the environment! Thank you to the best, most-caring form tutor Mr.Jenkins for being incredibly supportive towards the project and Ana Cretu, enthusiastic parent governor/volunteer in the school for originally sponsoring this idea!

This project doesn’t only have to relate to 8B… you can make a difference as well by caring for your environment! Don’t drop litter and put it in the bin. Our world can be helped by everyone. The planet is everyone’s home!

 By Laura Mihaela Cretu 8B