English National Opera Workshops

The school Choir is working hard on a project with English National Opera this year and on 27th February we had our third (out of five) workshops with members of the ENO education team. Our visitors continue to be impressed with the progress our students are making during the workshops, the thoughts and answers they share and the sound they are making as a large group singing together. The choir has been working on music from the opera Carmen which we were lucky to go and hear live at the London Coliseum in January.

The choir will be performing with other Brent Secondary Schools at Wembley Arena during Brent Makes Music on Friday 17th July.

Friends & Family Concert

It was the second Friends & Family concert of the year and rumour had it that it was not to be missed. There wasn’t an empty seat in the studio; parents, carers, staff, friends and siblings came to enjoy the talents showcased by our students.

The Kingsbury Ensemble kicked off the show, all looking fantastic in their new Kingsbury Ensemble T-Shirts. The programme consisted of solos and small groups with students from Year 8 to Year 11 playing a range of styles of music on a range of instruments.

Our next friends and family concert is on the 30 April. Please continue to come and support our students and join us for the concert.

Year 8 STEM workshop

On Thursday 16 January a group of 30 selected students from Year 8 participated in an Engineering workshop in association with Shell. The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) based workshop provided every student with the opportunity to create a mini electric car and understand the principles of Engineering through application. Additionally, the sessions offered careers guidance towards a career within Engineering, understanding the principles of the subject, as well as the prospect of working with engineer’s within industry.

 The workshop was

·         Facilitated by an Engineer & STEM expert

·         An opportunity to explore concepts in physics, technology and engineering

·         Careers information linked to Engineering

·         All students were supported with all equipment required, including mini electric cars

2019 Christmas Panto

Like every year it is tradition at Kingsbury High School that the staff take to the stage and perform the KHS Panto for the students.

This year was no exception and students were treated to Cinderella featuring our famous talent competition including the highly anticipated staff dance and the important Tylexit Vote! Which way did the students vote, exit or remain? And who won the dancing competition?

Christmas Staff Debate 2019

For the third year running, the KHS Sixth Form Debating Society organised the Annual Christmas Staff Debate, with the motion: This House would arrest Santa for breaking into people’s homes.

Prop: Mr Shaheen, Mr Das, Ms Williams

Opp: Ms Persaud, Mr Thomas, Mr Moffat

Students swarmed into the Sixth Form Study Room to witness this fiery, spirited debate. As the first speaker, Mr Shaheen defined the motion with wit and clarity, proposing that Santa is evidently invading people’s privacy, and this cannot be dismissed as harmless in a post-’MeToo’ world. In response, Ms Persaud argued eloquently that Santa lacks the criminal intent to harm people, and is a welcome visitor in everyone’s homes. Mr Das fired back that our consent to Santa’s presence is implied, before pointing out Santa’s involvement in animal cruelty by overworking his reindeers on a cold Christmas Eve. In his first debate as the Headteacher, Mr Thomas declared that arresting Santa is a drain on police resources, especially during a time of austerity for the UK. After Mr Moffat’s assertion that such a motion lacked any evidence or reason to appear in court (and dazzled the spectators with a song to finish!), Ms Williams concluded the debate by passionately arguing that Santa’s habitual housebreaking is a clear violation of our human rights.  
In the middle of the debate, many students provided impressive questions and objections to both teams.  

With a cheering competition among the floor, the opposition was proclaimed victorious.  The debate ended with a sense of sportsmanship, good humour, and respect all around.  

‘This debate was really enjoyable,’ commented a student who attended.  ‘It was great to see the teachers who we’ve known all these years argue and discuss such a contentious topic together in this way.  This was a shining example of good debating.’

Thank you and well done to all the staff who took part!

Article written by Priya Bharadia, KHS Sixth Form Student

Winter Concert 2019

Tylers Hall was packed out for the Winter concert with 120 students were involved, 110 students were supported by students backstage and front of house. Jack Copper did his usual marvellous job of setting up equipment before the concert and technical support on stage. Zeni Pun was our excellent host introducing each performance with enthusiasm keeping the audience engaged as we set up equipment for each performance.

We had outstanding solos from Year 11 students Jineth, Chamod and Khalid, small ensemble performances from the Year 9 and 10 GCSE music students and a group of Year 12 students. The Kingsbury Ensemble continues to grow with new students joining us this term and they are playing much more challenging music. The audience also did well joining in with ‘We Will Rock You’. The highlight of the evening was all 110 students playing and singing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ together as a finale of the concert. All the students involved should be incredibly proud of their contributions to the concert. It was a real team effort demonstrating the creativity, talent and hard work of our students

Senior Citizens Christmas Party

On Wednesday 4 December we opened our doors to host the annual Senior Citizens Christmas Party. Approximately 70 visitors attended the event from various elderly care homes, church groups and charity organisations from the local area. Every year this event is organised and run by our Year 13 Level 3 Sports Leaders.

The entertainment included a quiz, bingo and carol singing. The guests were also served food and drinks by our students. 

Thank you to Valerie Pope who, every year, helps to run activities on the day. A huge thank you also to our amazing students who not only organised the party, helped to make sure that the visitors arrive safely at our school, but have also been volunteering their time to help organise activities for the elderly preceding this event.

We received a card thanking all staff and students at Kingsbury High School from one of our guests:

‘It is very considerate to think of the elderly at this time of the year, especially as so many of us live alone.

The invitation to join you today is very much appreciated.

Sincere thanks to you all, and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.’