Trip to Lille

Before dawn on Friday, 2nd November 47 Year 7 and Year 8 students and five teachers departed Kingsbury on a coach bound for Lille in north-east France. A short spell on the Eurotunnel and – hey presto! – we were in France.

First stop: the enormous beach at Petit Fort Philippe near Dunkirk. The tide was out so everyone enjoyed running around and some even made it down to the sea. Then on to the Lille Christmas Market, offering local food and drink, crafts and other gift items. Several stallholders, upon discovering we were teachers, said that they thought our children were very polite and well behaved. They said that most students had made an effort to speak French and they were very impressed. Kingsbury parents and teachers should be very proud!  After we had filled ourselves with potatoes and cheese or other delicious hot food, it was time to re-join the coach for the trip to the Château d’Ebblinghem where we stayed. We had the whole place to ourselves and found it very comfortable.

Up early in the morning for a walk through Boulogne-sur-Mer and a really enjoyable few hours in the Nausicaa Marine Centre, a magical place with lots to see, including the sea lions racing about in the water at feeding time.

Many of the students said they would like to have stayed longer in France, but two days was all we had so we made our way back to Calais for the Eurotunnel home.

A fantastic trip, immaculately organised by Steve Vadgama. Student behaviour was excellent; the students were patient when waiting, good-natured with changes and generally fun and agreeable. See you again next year we hope!

Cambridge Union Debating Workshop

Kingsbury High School hosted a debating workshop run by the Cambridge Union for Year 7 and Year 8 students. Cambridge Union is the oldest debating and speaking society in the world and is renowned for its student debating competitions and public speaking workshops.  An important element of the workshop was to introduce students to the British Parliamentary format for debating. Sara Dehvari, a former Head Girl at Kingsbury High School, and Abhiram Bibekar who study History and Physics respectively at Cambridge University highlighted the merits of debating and how it helped them develop into critical thinkers. There were light-hearted debates on whether Jaffa cakes were cakes or biscuits and more serious topics like if the consumption of meat should be limited. The event culminated in a lively formal debate on whether social media should be banned – Yusuf Yusuf from Year 7 as the Prime Minister proposed the motion to ban social media stating it would lead to a fall in cyberbullying and was opposed by Dhruvshaal Gopal from Year 8 acting as the Leader of the Opposition who argued it would limit our means of communication. 

Lower School Debating Club will be starting soon!

The following students attended the workshop we look forward to see them develop into Kingsbury High School debaters: Laureta Krasniqi, Dhruvshaal Gopal, Paba Malawwethanthri, Sahanaa Krishnakumar, Bilqees Mahamed, Kelisa Anderson, Parth Varsani, Narges Amini, Safa Sajjad, Jiya Chandnani, Nakisha Bhanderi, Rhea Hirani, Bilal Ahmad, Amanda Fernando, Damaris Palagheanu, Bridie Wells, Jathushan Vivekananthan, Daniel Teleaga, Emira Sirer, Sebastian Sorescu, Sahar Khan, Gracie Gribbin, Jaafar Jaafar, Larsa Jabar, Mustafa Al Hayawi, Hassan Khan, Yusuf Yusuf, Agri Somasundaram, Garry Muslimov, Prasamsa Kandel, Yasmin Ibrahim, James Gribbin and Ines Ben Nasr.

Year 8 Graduation 2019

Last night we welcomed parents, carers and friends to the lower school to celebrate the Year 8 Graduation. The Hall was packed with an excited and proud audience. It has been 9 years since we introduced our new curriculum for Years 7 and 8 and the students at this evening’s graduation were the seventh year group to reach the end of our Foundation Stage. We came up with the idea of a new curriculum that concluded with a graduation ceremony in order to give a real sense of purpose to the

early years at KHS. The students were graded in relation to their attendance, punctuality, attitude to learning, progress, extended homework projects, rewards, Unifrog Competencies and the Kingsbury Guarantee.

Mr Thomas revealed our new ‘Graduate with Distinction’ board featuring the most students’ names to date. The visitors got treated to two performances by our incredibly talented Year 8 students, Laura Cretu did a reading followed by Acshayaa Kumar;s version of Demi Lovato’s Warrior.

The climax of the ceremony was the announcement of the most highly honoured boy graduate, Johann Pereira, and the most highly honoured girl graduate, Laura Cretu, each of whom received a special glass trophy.

Clean the school project

Small acts make a big difference… On the 6 June, 8B made a small difference to their school environment. Organised by Laura Mihaela Cretu (8B), the Form took part in the ” Clean the school project”, which consisted of 2 parts: become a more environmental – friendly person and take part in a litter pick in the playground in Tylers’. 

 By taking part in this, the students realised how much litter is carelessly dropped by people of all ages each day. They had fun, while they were helping the environment! Thank you to the best, most-caring form tutor Mr.Jenkins for being incredibly supportive towards the project and Ana Cretu, enthusiastic parent governor/volunteer in the school for originally sponsoring this idea!

This project doesn’t only have to relate to 8B… you can make a difference as well by caring for your environment! Don’t drop litter and put it in the bin. Our world can be helped by everyone. The planet is everyone’s home!

 By Laura Mihaela Cretu 8B


Rutvi Shah, Vrinda Parekh, Sarah Shareef and Sanaa Kabir joined together to create Team Ecolife for this years National STEM competition 2019 following a activity on a Science Excel day in January. Kingsbury was one of eleven schools selected to make it through to the final from over 250.

Team Ecolife created an invention called the ALL-IN-ONE RECYCLER which reached the BP Ultimate Stem Challenge Finals. This took place on Monday the 13 May 2019. The idea was to create a machine that would be able to separate waste into sections using infrared scanners to scan the temperatures of each item to be sorted into categories.

Each member, contributed into presenting their ideas to a panel of expert judges from industry. Rutvi Shah 8B created an animation that showed how the invention would be like in everyday life. Vrinda Parekh 8B made the PowerPoint Presentation that was shown in the Finals. Sarah Shareef 8K presented the steps we took in making a prototype. We all created an amazing prototype showcasing their idea.

Mr Waxman who went to watch them in the final at the Science Museum commented that the girls ”competed well against students from independent and grammar schools.”

Rutvi Shah 8B

Emotional Conflict Workshop

Our lower school students had the opportunity to take part in an Emotional Conflict Workshop, run by Barnet Education Programme and sponsored by the British Transport Police.

The day was based on Emotional Conflict and how students can deal with this issue both in school and outside of school.

A number of activities took place in different rooms where students got to discuss the topic, become part of the workshop through play and learn how to best deal with the confrontation.

The workshop leaders complimented all of our students who were amazing and lovely to work with.

Year 8 STEM workshop with Shell

30 Students from Year 8 were selected to participate in an Engineering workshop in association with Shell on Tuesday 25 September 2018 .

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) based workshop provided every student with the opportunity to create a mini electric car and understand the principles of Engineering. Additionally, the sessions was also packed with careers information and inspirational films, as well as the prospect of working with engineer’s within industry.

Each workshop was:

  • Facilitated by an Engineer & STEM expert
  • An opportunity to explore concepts in physics, technology and engineering
  • Careers information linked to Engineering
  • All students will be supported with all equipment required, including mini electric cars


The Accelerated Reader Awards Ceremony

On Wednesday 18th July, a group of forty Year 8 Accelerated Readers (AR) were invited to their Awards Ceremony to celebrate their fantastic achievement in reading. Collectively, during this academic year, our students have read 1 696 155 words and they have passed 330 quizzes. Also, according to the student voice survey, they have developed a real passion for reading and they feel more confident about their reading skills.

Well done to all AR students!!!!

A big thank you to Marcia Vernon and Tracey Fidalgo for running and supporting inspiring reading sessions and all members of staff who have assisted us during this academic year.

British Heart Foundation Fundraising Day

As part of the Excel day, Year 8 students took part in the BHF All Star Games. Three main sporting events ran throughout the day; dodge ball, skipping and ping pong cup challenge.

Well done to all the students who took part, despite the freezing conditions outside!

Huge thanks to all the students and their families/friends who sponsored the event which raised over £300 in total. 20% of the funds raised will go towards 3 legged ties which are going to be used for the school’s Sports Relief and Sports Day events this year. More information about BHF All Star Games can be found on

Special thanks and well done to all the Year 10 students who ran the events!

If you are interested in running a fundraising event at the school, or would like to help volunteer at any of the up and coming fundraising events, please speak to a member of faculty or to Tara Randall. All school fundraising ideas welcome!