Proposed New Multi-Sport Facility

KHS - proposed new facilities - 22 March 2016

Plan of proposed new facilities

Your support is crucial to help us provide new state of the art multi-sport facilities for Kingsbury High School.

We are bringing forward plans, in partnership with Powerleague, for a new state of the art multi-sport facility on our Bacon Lane campus.

We are aware that there is some localised opposition who are making claims about the scheme based on inaccurate misinformation. The facilities would provide a fantastic new resource for our school, enhancing our sports curriculum and enabling us to broaden our extra-curricular offer. They would also offer significant benefits for the health and development of our pupils.

The scheme, which has been designed to address the needs of the school but would be completely financed by Powerleague, would include:

  • One large 11-a-side hybrid football / hockey pitch
  • One multi-sport pitch (MUGA)
  • Four standard 5-a-side pitches
  • Two cricket nets

Throughout term time, the new facilities would be available solely for school use during normal school hours. A broad range of further school improvements would also be carried out as part of the scheme, including refurbishment of both of our sports halls, improvements to other grass playing fields on the site and redecoration of the existing changing rooms. A new clubhouse would also be constructed, providing additional new changing rooms for our pupils to use.

As part of the partnership agreement, the facility would be hired out by Powerleague outside of school hours. The facility would not be licensed to sell alcohol and Powerleague already operates a number of sites in partnership with Educational Institutions which are not licensed to sell alcohol.

A planning application for this scheme has now been submitted and your support will be vital in order to help us achieve permission for these fantastic new facilities.
If you would like to show your support, please either:

Or if you prefer, you can use the following alternative methods below:

  • Email but please make sure to use the reference number 16/0994 and include your full name and postal address.
  • Write a letter to the case officer, Victoria McDonagh, at Brent Council, Brent Civic Centre, Engineers Way, Wembley, HA9 0FJ, making sure to quote the reference number 16/0994 and include your full name and postal address.

Every supportive comment, email and letter is crucial, and some of the points that you may want to consider referring to include:

  • The proposed site is often waterlogged and practically unusable between November and March each year, preventing delivery of the desired range and quality of teaching;
  • The need for new sports facilities to enhance the existing sports curriculum and improve the extra-curricular offer for pupils;
  • We have aspired for many years to construct artificial turf pitches for year-round use but have been unable to independently finance the investment;
  • Pupils have to travel off-site for lessons, reducing the teaching time available and incurring additional costs for the school;
  • There would be significant knock-on benefits for other schools in the local area through the Kingsbury High School School Sports Partnership.

We hope that you will be able to show your support for this scheme. Your support will play a key role in helping us to make our plans for greatly enhanced sports facilities at Kingsbury High School a reality.

If you have any queries about the scheme and would like to talk to a member of the development team, please call 0800 080 3163 or email

Girl’s Active Day

On the 11th February 2016 Year 7 girls at Kingsbury High took part in a Girl’s Active Day where they rotated through Cycling, Boxercise, Dodgeball, Mindfulness, Yoga and a timetabling session where they mapped their daily exercise with an aim to reach 60 minutes a day.

The day was led by the Year 10 Girls Active Team – Tia, Dhara, Lina, Daniella, Lucia, Farwa, Para, Saron, Yasmin, Sankari, Jessica and Amna.

Well done to all involved.

Sport Relief 2016


Students undertaking the Higher Sports Leadership Award (HSLA), affectionately known within the school as ‘Red Shirts’, organised, coordinated and led a number of successful Sport Relief activities on and around Friday 18th March 2016.

Events included cake sales; a guess Mr Waxman’s favourite cupcake competition; wristband sales; an improvised busking event; and an opportunity for ALL students and staff to run or walk the Sport Relief Mile.

The total raised was £1,200.

72 ‘Red Shirts’ also volunteered at the Olympic Park on Sunday 20th March for official Sport Relief duties including manning the registration tents, water stations, medal stations and staffing the route.

Head of Faculty for Physical Education & Extended Learning, Annette Woodrow, said “The HSLA events programme has been a super experience this year. First we had the Cancer Research run with Year 8 and now Sport Relief 2016. The HSLA groups have done us proud. They have been very committed to the task and have really cared about the outcome and the process. Assemblies, cake sales, guess the favourite cupcake, badminton tournaments and of course the run have all combined to give Kingsbury High that wonderful sense of working together for a common purpose. The ‘Red Shirts’ have done an excellent job of leading the student body and we can all be justifiably proud of their skill, determination and spirit. This was again in evidence when 72 of them worked hard at the Olympic Park to make sure that the ‘Big Sport Relief Mile’ was a success. What a superb set of ambassadors.”

Launch of ESOL Classes


Monday 7th March saw the launch of the school’s new initiative: English as a Second Language (ESOL) Classes.

The classes have been very successful with both parents and students attending twice a week after school. The sessions have been planned creatively to improve language and communications skills through a range of tasks and interactive activities.

There are currently three classes: a higher and lower ability group for the students and a class for the parents. Each class has lessons tailored specifically to meet the needs of the learners whilst ensuring that their learning is fun and exciting. The lessons for the students involve improving their grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing skills to aid their academic learning and boost their confidence. The parents’ classes consist of learning basic communication and life skills.

Having held lessons for just over 2 weeks, the students and parents shared their views on their experience of the ESOL classes so far.

Parent feedback:

“I am really happy to come to the ESOL classes because I am learning more English and I meet people.”

“I am very happy to be in these classes because I have learnt so many new things.”

“I have learnt new things and met other people.”

Student feedback:

“I like the ESOL classes because I’ve learned lots of things that I didn’t know before.”

“I am learning more English and I have fun.”

“These classes are helpful and interesting.”

“I like the lessons and the teacher because she helps me and teaches us interesting things.”

View our school website for more information.

World Book Day & International Women’s Day Celebrations


On Tuesday 8th March Year 8 students celebrated World Book Day and International Women’s Day. As part of the celebration, students arrived to school dressed as a character from their favourite book. They attended a number of workshops including a role play session; a storytelling session which celebrated female writers and a World Book Day quiz session.

Quiz winners received a fiction book and the best dressed students were rewarded with a professional photo-shoot.

EAL Day: celebrating the diversity of culture at Kingsbury High


On Wednesday 9th March the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Department held a hugely successful EAL Day celebration. The event, which took place largely at lunchtime, saw an impressive cake sale, student performances and quiz competitions including a ‘guess the teacher in the baby photo’ competition.

The day focused on celebrating the diversity of culture at Kingsbury High bringing the school’s learning community together. It was a fantastic opportunity for EAL students to work as a team and share a part of their culture; it was an opportunity to be unified by pride in our students and to celebrate the richness we get from being such a diverse community.

Three EAL students bravely took to the stage to sing: Alexandra and Alessia sang Romanian songs and Oliwia sang an English song. Head of the EAL Department, Ling Dee, said “It is such a joy to see their confidence growing and their happy smiling faces.”
Over 30 students baked a variety of delicious cakes from different countries and also had an exciting experience selling them. Ling added “We most definitely had some worthy contenders for the Great British Bake Off in our midst!”

Thank you to all who contributed and a special thank you to Morrisons, Queensbury for their generous donation of mini Swiss rolls.