Year 7 and 9 Evening of Achievement

Last night was our Evening of Achievement and we celebrated 167 year 7 and 9 students achievements. The awards were given out for Personal excellence in subjects, a high number of credits, highest A2L and attendance and lastly personal PRIDE across the school.

Congratulations to all the students for all their hard work and efforts.

The event was photographed by our Year 12 photography students Mukim Mahfuzh, Shamil Bhuttoo and Binisha Varsani.

HPQ Evening of Achievement

On Wednesday we held our Higher Project Qualification Evening of Achievement. Throughout this academic year fifteen exceptionally hard working Year 9 students have been researching and creating a project investigating a topic of their choice everyday after school. 

This evening was therefore of dual purpose, firstly to celebrate the hard work of students, and secondly to assess them as part of the presentation element of the HPQ. The students were passionate and informative in their delivery and were excited to share their findings from both primary and seconday research to parents, staff and their peers. 

2019 EPQ presentations

The 2019 EPQ presentations saw students set up displays in the 6th Form Centre and deliver talks to year 9 HPQ students (who were a fantastic and enthusiastic audience) and then their supervisors on the results of their work this year.  EPQ projects covered a wide array of topics from a thoroughly well researched examination of the political justification of the Modi Government’s Beef ban by Heer Trivedi to Grzegorz Grzesiak compelling historical evaluation on what were the most significant factors in the partitioning of Poland.  Students have worked exceptionally hard to gather and explore a wide range of sources to complete their projects with some, such as Yash Patel, collecting a significant set of primary data.  Leading Yash to conclude that although many people cite ethics as an important factor in how they view brands when it came to purchasing decisions it was not as important as other factors (such as price).  Zainab Jalali spoke very confidently (her careful preparation and practice event to all) on the interplay and entanglement of Afghan culture and religious tradition.  A group of 5 year 9 boys huddled round a table transfixed by Issa Jewett who effortless spoke in the most incredible detail about his research findings into a failed military operation during ww2.  Shannon Martindale blended a love of history and sociology into a particular area of interest of hers on entertainment and class.  Zubeyda demonstrated superb resolve, changing how she would deliver her presentation based on her practice run and delivering a commanding performance on the power of experimental poetry. Truly inspirational work from a cohort of highly dedicated students.

Emotional Conflict Workshop

Our lower school students had the opportunity to take part in an Emotional Conflict Workshop, run by Barnet Education Programme and sponsored by the British Transport Police.

The day was based on Emotional Conflict and how students can deal with this issue both in school and outside of school.

A number of activities took place in different rooms where students got to discuss the topic, become part of the workshop through play and learn how to best deal with the confrontation.

The workshop leaders complimented all of our students who were amazing and lovely to work with.

Lower School Sign Language Success

We have so many fantastic cultures and languages at Kingsbury High School and we are lucky to have a window into deaf culture and be able to see and learn sign language. KHS is the only secondary school in Brent to have a Total Communication Resource (TCR) to support deaf students.
Sarah and Spartakus in Year 7, Max in Year 8 and Yesha in Year 9 are part of the TCR and worked hard to teach and then test sign language during form times and lunch time clubs.
62 students in Years 7,8 and 9 took the opportunity to begin to learn British Sign Language this year. They have all passed Part One of the KHS Sign Language course and have all received certificates.

Year 9 Higher Project Qualification

On Wednesday 19th April 2017, 120 of our most gifted and able students in Year 9 spent the evening presenting on some of the most intelligible topics they have researched. Since September, the students have been completing the Level 2 Higher Project Qualification. As one of the core requirements of the qualification, students were to present the research and the essay of their academic topic to a board of assessors.

Ranging from women’s rights to whether war could be justified, students’ presentations were thought provoking, captivating and exciting. Despite a few nerves, throughout the evening all students displayed confidence and overcame some of their biggest fears: presenting in front of a large crowd. The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by a wide range of parents and staff. We wish Year 9 all the best with the rest of their Level 2 Higher Project Qualification and that they get the result they deserve!

‘Experience is the teacher of all things. ‘ Julius Caesar


The Donmar Theatre came to KHS as part of their Shakespeare Trilogy workshops. During the workshop, the Year 9 students worked directly with Jordana Golbourn from Donmar Theatre who gave them an insight into theatre productions and ran a number of workshops during which the students performed scenes from various Shakespeare Trilogy, discussed performance techniques as well as methods used by professional actors to deliver plays.
Part of the experience was a trip to the new Donmar Theatre in Kings Cross on Monday 5 December to watch Julius Caesar. The new theatre has been opened to allow a wider audience to have the opportunity to see plays at a reduced price, making it more affordable and attractive for a younger audience. More information about their Young+ Free scheme can be found on:

Jordana says: ‘‘The Donmar offers an exciting range of opportunities for our audiences to get closer to our work, from performances and projects for schools and young people to talks and workshops for everyone. Each of our productions is accompanied by a Behind the Scenes guide, a series of Open Workshops exploring the play and the rehearsal process, and an unmatched Schools Matinee programme for our younger audiences.’’
(Copy and images by Mariam, Year 13)