Year 7 Residential Quinta Trip to Amersham


The Year 7 residential Quinta trip to Amersham is part of the school’s traditions to introduce the new students to the school and their new friends. Over the last two weeks the Year 7s visited Quinta on either a day trip or a three day residential. They participated in team building activities with the main aim being to promote the school’s ethos of ‘PRIDE’ and School’s motto, ‘Spectemur Agendo’- “being judged by our actions”. Some of the activities included team challenges, archery and bushcraft to name a few. We also taught life skills to those who could not swim or ride a bike. The students behaved immaculately and participated in all activities demonstrating skills such as team work and communication.

Kingsbury Schools Together love where you live

A group of Year 7 students took part in the second litter picking session, as part of the #KSTlovewhereyoulive campaign. The aim is to teach the students to take responsibility and to clean up our community outside our schools, showing that they care about the area they live in.
After the success of the first session in January, a slightly bigger group took on the challenge; making it another competitive and fun lesson, encouraging learning beyond the classroom.
One student commented that she finds it sad to see the amount of rubbish people drop into the park, leaving it for other people to clean after them and that we all need to work together in keeping our community clean.

Year 7 – Your Life You Choose Excel day.


Year 7 worked alongside a varied team of visitors for the Your Life You Choose programme.
The students were fully engaged in a series of workshops detailing a range of components of the criminal justice system. Prison officers gave a full and frank report of life in prison and the systems operated. Local magistrates introduced the “bench” and how decisions are made in a court. Two ex offenders explained how they had become involved in crime and what life had been like in prison and since their release. A paramedic gave powerful accounts of his everyday experiences including attending knife crime attacks. The day ended with students looking at a video of a crime involving young people. An officer from Trident explained Joint Enterprise. This is the 3rd year that we have worked on this excellent project that seeks to help young students make the right choices to steer well clear of gangs and crime.
All our evaluations suggest that this programme really does hit home.


Year 7 litter picking


Some of KHS’ Year 7s took part in an initiative with the local primary schools, Brent and Veola getting involved in a litter programme. The students spend the afternoon in the areas surrounding the school clearing litter, making it a cleaner environment for everyone.
‘This is not about us,’ commented one of the students ‘it is about making Kingsbury nicer.’
The activity turned into a fun competition where everyone wanted to be the best litter picker and make the biggest impact on the environment they live in. Students have already asked to repeat the activity, which shows how much they care about their environment.

Send My Friend to School 2015


On Friday 3rd July Year 7 students at Kingsbury High School took part in the Send My Friend to School campaign 2015.

2015 is an important year – world leaders will gather this September in New York to decide how to tackle global poverty over the next 15 years. The Send My Friend to School campaign asked young people to ‘step into the shoes of world leaders’ and tell their local MPs how they would deliver a better future for children all over the world.

With this theme, students spent the first part of the day learning about the barriers to education millions of children in the developing world face. Students then made world leader figures with messages about what they would do if they were a world leader. These will be passed on to MP for Brent North, Barry Gardiner, to take to the House of Commons.

Students completed the day by making the shape of an eye on the school playground to tell world leaders: “We’re watching you!”

Bike Club

Four Sixth Form students have set up a club to help their younger peers learn to ride a bicycle. The club is an extension of a recent trip to Quinta where Year 7 students were taught by Mrs Woodrow and the Sixth Formers.

The Year 12s, Jotham, Meera, Sakthy and Viren, give up one lunch time a week to deliver the sessions where they identify the specific needs of each learner.

Jotham said “Bike club provides mental and emotional training by allowing students to increase their confidence; build determination; and get rid of the mental block that stops you from doing something outside of your comfort zone.”

Warda Batool, Year 7 student, said “Because I’m new, the Sixth Formers hold the seat and the handle for me. They tell me what I’m doing wrong and how I should improve. It makes me feel good that they are helping me so much. I would like to say thank you to them. It’s really helping me and I’ll try my best. I’m really looking forward to going next week.”