Year 7 litter picking


Some of KHS’ Year 7s took part in an initiative with the local primary schools, Brent and Veola getting involved in a litter programme. The students spend the afternoon in the areas surrounding the school clearing litter, making it a cleaner environment for everyone.
‘This is not about us,’ commented one of the students ‘it is about making Kingsbury nicer.’
The activity turned into a fun competition where everyone wanted to be the best litter picker and make the biggest impact on the environment they live in. Students have already asked to repeat the activity, which shows how much they care about their environment.

Send My Friend to School 2015


On Friday 3rd July Year 7 students at Kingsbury High School took part in the Send My Friend to School campaign 2015.

2015 is an important year – world leaders will gather this September in New York to decide how to tackle global poverty over the next 15 years. The Send My Friend to School campaign asked young people to ‘step into the shoes of world leaders’ and tell their local MPs how they would deliver a better future for children all over the world.

With this theme, students spent the first part of the day learning about the barriers to education millions of children in the developing world face. Students then made world leader figures with messages about what they would do if they were a world leader. These will be passed on to MP for Brent North, Barry Gardiner, to take to the House of Commons.

Students completed the day by making the shape of an eye on the school playground to tell world leaders: “We’re watching you!”

Bike Club

Four Sixth Form students have set up a club to help their younger peers learn to ride a bicycle. The club is an extension of a recent trip to Quinta where Year 7 students were taught by Mrs Woodrow and the Sixth Formers.

The Year 12s, Jotham, Meera, Sakthy and Viren, give up one lunch time a week to deliver the sessions where they identify the specific needs of each learner.

Jotham said “Bike club provides mental and emotional training by allowing students to increase their confidence; build determination; and get rid of the mental block that stops you from doing something outside of your comfort zone.”

Warda Batool, Year 7 student, said “Because I’m new, the Sixth Formers hold the seat and the handle for me. They tell me what I’m doing wrong and how I should improve. It makes me feel good that they are helping me so much. I would like to say thank you to them. It’s really helping me and I’ll try my best. I’m really looking forward to going next week.”

Loom Bands for Water Aid UK


Year 7 student Khushi Patel has used her love of making Loom Bands for a good cause. Khushi was inspired by talks at Kingsbury High School given by her teachers and staff about Refugee Week.

Khushi sold the colourful bracelets to her friends and family and made £30.80, which was matched by her father, raising the total to £61.60. Khushi was moved by stories of drought and sanitation so chose to donate the money to Water Aid UK.

Khushi said “All the inspiration that all of the teachers and students gave me during Refugee Week got me thinking that because I have been making so many of these Loom Bands, I should start selling them. I chose Water Aid as my charity because I think it’s really important to do work like that and I really like that charity.”

Send ALL my Friends to School

Send All My Friends to School

On Wednesday 02 July 2014, students at Kingsbury High School took part in the Send ALL My Friends to School campaignto remind world leaders that it is children with disabilities that are missing out most on their right to an education.

In 2000 world leaders promised universal primary education by 2015, but with only a year to go 57 million children are still out of school and over a third of them have a disability.

Year 7 students began the day with screenings of Send My Friend to School’s national campaign video, which starred Kingsbury High School and The Village School students. Students then created ‘buddy’ figures and added their voices by covering them with messages about the importance of education for all. These have been sent to local MP, Barry Gardiner, to pass on to the Prime Minister to remind the UK government of their promise.

To complete their day, the whole of Year 7 gathered on the school playground to create a giant word: ‘TEACH’.

Ms Sarah Purtill, KS3 Pastoral Curriculum Leader said “Students had the chance to reflect on how important education is and how many doors are open to them with an education. Seeing our students becoming passionate global citizens is a real inspiration, watching them become engaged and empowered acts as a reminder that we can work together to ensure that one day every child will have access to primary education.”

Ade Adepitan,broadcaster and Paralympian is supporting the 2014 campaign. Ade presents Send My Friend to School’s campaign film which links to his own story. Ade says: “If world leaders are serious about getting every child into education, they must prioritise the needs of children with disabilities now.”

Ade was born in Nigeria where he contracted polio at 15 months old. Ade moved to London before he started primary school but knows that if he had stayed in Nigeria his life would have been very different. Nigeria is the country with the largest number of out of school children, currently at over 10 million.

The Send My Friend to School campaign has been running since 2005 – each year with a different theme – and millions of young people have taken part in the UK and in 100 countries around the world. Last year the campaign focused on the global shortage of professional teachers. Half a million young people from over 5,000 schools took part and 99% of MPs were sent colourful paper messages about the vital role of teachers in realising education for all.

To get a free pack and get your school involved visit


Send My Friend to School 2013

send my friend to school 05072013 from techkhs on Vimeo.

Kingsbury High School has been supporting the Send My Friend to School campaign for seven years. The campaign, which has a different theme each year, aims to remind world leaders of the promise they made in 2000; that all children worldwide would get a quality primary education by 2015.

This year’s theme is ‘Every Child Needs a Teacher’. Year 7 students began the day with screenings of Send My Friend to School’s national campaign video, which starred Kingsbury High School Year 8 students. Students then created ‘ideal teacher’ figures and decorated them with messages about the importance of education and what makes a great teacher. These have been sent to local MP, Barry Gardiner, in the hope that he would raise the matter, in parliament, of how 1.7 million more teachers are needed worldwide to get every child into school.

At the end of the day, the entire year group gathered in the school playground to create giant teacher and student figures, designed by Mr Fordyce and Mr Beschi.

Kingsbury High School KS3 Pastoral Curriculum Leader, Ms Purtill, who organised the day said, “At the end of the day we created, with our students, a teacher caring for one of our friends. It took time to make our shape and it was very hot, however, our students were totally committed to the campaign and hoped to make a difference for the 60 million children who don’t have the same opportunities as them.”

Reading for Enjoyment

On Monday 14th January, the whole of Year 7 took part in an exciting ‘reading for enjoyment’ Excel day designed to encourage and celebrate reading. Both students and staff dressed up as their favourite book character with often imaginative and visual stunning results! Throughout the day a range of exciting activities were experienced such as: drama performances and role plays; reading aloud beloved preschool books to develop students’ story telling skills to engage young children; and manipulating words to create enigmatic riddles in the style of J R R Tolkien!

Students consistently celebrated their reading by building a reading tree; watching it grow throughout the day by adding to it all the elements they loved about reading books. From characters and action to voice and writers’ style, one thing is clear: the staff and students have many reasons to love reading here at KHS!

[text by Ms Sangha & Ms Bryson; photography by Steve & Camille]