What You Will


The Globe Players visited Kingsbury High School and wowed Year 7 students, on Wednesday 8th June, with their play, What You Will.

Kingsbury High’s school hall was transformed into a theatre-in-the-round performance space where scenes from Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, The Comedy of Errors, Macbeth and Richard III were performed as an introduction to Shakespeare.

Students Adam Amzel (form 7C), Zianne Dawson (form 7H) and George Hammond (form 7U) had a conversation after the play where they said “We really liked the play because they used Elizabethan language, costumes and Elizabethan props so it was really enjoyable. We have been studying Shakespeare in our English lessons so it was great to see the plays come to life. Our favourite parts of What you Will were The Comedy of Errors and Macbeth.

We would definitely recommend this play and if you want to learn more about Shakespeare, you should really watch it!”