Kingsbury High & Brent Rock School Perform at The Institute

Students from Kingsbury High School performed alongside students from Brent Rock School at The Institute’s open day on Saturday 4th July 2015.

The Institute, Masons House, Valley Drive, was based in Hampstead for over a hundred years, but relocated to Kingsbury in January. Dedicated to life-long learning, The Institute, offers courses in a range of subjects, but specialises in the arts.

Their open day showcased the range of courses they offer, but also brought the community together with demonstrations, taster classes and performances from a vibrant mix of performers.

Kingsbury High School has been working with Brent Rock School over the last year and the open day gave students the opportunity to come together and perform in front of the Mayor of Brent, Councillor Lesley Jones MBE; Councillor Muhammed Butt; Tessa Awe, Chief Executive at CVS Brent; and the local community.

Present in the audience was Head of Music at Kingsbury High School, Matthew Dominé, who said “I had the pleasure of attending the Open Day at the newly opened Institute in Kingsbury. This was a fantastic day with lots to see and hear and it was great to find out about the opportunities the Institute has to offer the local community. I was especially looking forward to watching some of the talented Kingsbury High School students performing with the Brent Rock School.

“We have been very fortunate to have cultivated a very positive relationship with the Brent Music Service and his has led to Kingsbury High students having some of the best peripatetic instrumental teachers I have had the pleasure of working with. The Brent Rock school, led by Mike McKenzie & Chris Lagos, has been running for the past year at Kingsbury High and attending students have improved significantly musically and also in their ability to play together as a band. There were two fantastic solo performances from Taaha Doraid (Vocals & Guitar) & Emily Snow (Vocals & Guitar) with Emily playing one of her own songs – with lyrics that will have her mother worrying that she is desperate to move to Paris or Tokyo. There were also a number of ensemble performances which featured Jennika Vadher (Keyboard & Guitar), Henry Pearce (Keyboard & Guitar), Zeina Idani (Vocals), Emily Snow (Vocals) & Shelby Lattany (Vocals). They have really gelled as a group and entertained a large crowd which included the Mayor of Brent.

“I am really looking forward to hearing more performances from these extremely talented students and also to possible future link ups with The Institute.”

Mike McKenzie, Brent Rock School co-ordinator added “It was great to stand back and watch the excitement from the students while setting up and sound checking the drums, bass, guitars, keyboard and vocals.

“Performance time was fantastic and the audience was really enjoyed it. The students played 8 songs and kept the audience engaged with banter between songs and great music ranging from Rock, R&B and Pop Music.”

The Institute – Opening Ceremony 2015


On Saturday 24th January 2015 five Kingsbury High School, Sixth Form, students volunteered to lend a helping hand at the opening ceremony of The Institute, Masons House , Valley Drive, Kingsbury. Students had varied roles on the day including conducting guided tours to invited guests; handing out leaflets; preparing and arranging rooms for entertainment; and mingling with visitors. Students also had the opportunity to view stained glass and pottery classes; enjoy entertainment from the Shree Muktajeevan Pipe Band and classical Indian dancer, Meena Raj; and network with artists, musicians, local councillors and Deputy Mayor, Councillor Lesley Jones.

The Institute’s Outreach Manager, Rubena Jafery said “Sixth Form students from Kingsbury High School were a ray of sunshine, enthusiastic, warm and intelligent. They were very well received by everyone.  I will welcome them back on events planned for the future as they are familiar now with what The Institute offers and our ethos. They were fantastic – all of them.”

Volunteer and Year 12 student, Zoya Ahmed, said “The opportunity that was given to us gave us an insight into event management and it also improved our social skills. I enjoyed the day, it was fun. I enjoyed listening to the band play the bag pipes and I’m really looking forward to attending classes there as they look really interesting.”

The Institute has been based in Hampstead for over a hundred years and are dedicated to life-long learning. They offer courses in a range of subjects, but specialise in the arts. On relocating to Kingsbury, Greville Waterman, Chief Executive of The Institute said “Masons House represents a new beginning for The Institute and will provide us with all the space we need to put on the courses that our students enjoy.

We are very excited by the prospect of being able to continue the high quality provision of adult education in North London for which the Institute is renowned and believe that our new location will be ideally suited for all our needs.

We would like to thank all our students for their continued support and will do our utmost to retain the trust and loyalty of our existing student base, as well as work hard to attract new students from Kingsbury, the surrounding areas, as well as the Jubilee Line footprint.”