Year 11 Final Assembly 2016

year_11_final_assembly-18On Wednesday 18th May, Year 11 students attended a final assembly before their GCSE examinations commenced.

The occasion was filled with a mixture of emotions as the students were taken through their five years at Kingsbury High School. Students settled into the hall with the traditional shirt signing; they heard from some staff that have had an impact on their time at Kingsbury High; Students took to the floor to thank their form tutors; and then after a musical interlude, they were filled with emotion when they were handed letters wishing them luck for their exams.

Stage Leader, Sandip Das, said “At Kingsbury we celebrate this important moment in their lives, confident that they are ready and able to take the next step. I look forward to their future with a great sense of optimism, and wish Year 11 good health, happiness and every success.”

English National Opera


The dulcet tones of opera filled the corridors on Friday 23rd October as the English National Opera’s Opera Squad took over Kingsbury High for the day.

Students and staff were introduced to opera, as both spectator and performer, through a range of activities including assemblies, ensemble, choir and workshops. Pop up performances took place in unlikely areas around the school where lucky bystanders heard professional opera singers and viewed their performances at close range.

Head of Music at Kingsbury High, Matthew Dominé said “I was particularly impressed by the skill the English National Opera showed in bringing a challenging musical genre, like opera, to our students and to get them all involved and enjoying the opportunity to sing together. The pop-up performances throughout the school were amazing and the students were clearly inspired. There will be future opportunities for our students to experience opera and I, along with them, cannot wait”.

Year 10 student Livya Mathialagan was inspired to write a piece about her experience in which she said “Towards the end of the day, a few students from the school’s Guitar Ensemble, including myself and the school’s Choir, were able to perform with the English National Opera. This, to me, was the most memorable and enjoyable part of the day. Adding to my knowledge, I was taught how to work in an ensemble better and encouraged to learn (on the spot) new songs to perform just minutes after. It was great to be a part of a group known all over the world and I would consider myself and others, for a brief time, members of the English National Opera.”

Head of Faculty, Annette Woodrow said “The choir held at lunchtime with the English National Opera was brilliant. It was exhilarating to sing alongside such powerful singers. I thoroughly enjoy singing and had forgotten how uplifting it can be. The English National Opera team were very skilled in bringing together a random group and making us feel that we had achieved a great deal in a short time. The choice of music was excellent – looking around there was pleasure on the faces of everyone.”

A Level Results Day 2015


Some Highlights from the day:

Mohammad El-Gendi

English Language A
Religious Studies A
Extended Project Qualifiaction A*

Next Step
Law at UCL

Biggest Inspiration
“Teachers. Always the teachers. The support they have given me has been amazing. They provided me all the help I needed from start to finish. They always found extra time to help me during lunch, breaks and half term to mark my endless stream of papers and essays.”


Zoe Yerolemou

Economics A
Maths B
History B
Politics A*

Next Step
Law at Nottingham

Biggest Inspiration
“Mr. Mitchell in Politics and friends – Jayna, Radhika, Mitisha, Vishalee.”


Dhaval Shah

Maths A*
Economics A*
Further Maths A
Physics A

Next Step
Economics at Warwick

Biggest Inspiration
“Being Head Boy, I found inspiration from all areas of Kingsbury High including sport, music, academic and community, but my biggest inspiration was Mr. Mitchell who always had time to support me.”


Natasha Mutungi

English Language B
Religious Studies B
Sociology A*

Next Step
Philosophy at Sheffield

Biggest Inspiration
“My Dad and Mum. Here’s my story – I lost my dad during December last year and during my exams I was grieving and constantly giving up. But the belief that my dad had in me kept me going. I just wanted to make him and my mum proud.”


Sophie Rozanski

Maths A
Biology A
Psychology A

Next Step
Psychology at Royal Holloway

Biggest Inspiration
“My sister because we’re really close and she looks up to me so I wanted her to be proud and want to follow in my footsteps.

I wanted to inspire her and do well so that she’s motivated to do well.”

Thanks to Bruce Viveash for the photography.


Mock Results Day 2015

Mock Results Day

On Thursday 15th January 2015 Year 11 students received their GCSE mock exam results in a results day simulation.

Students arrived to the school as normal, but were led to the hall to pick up envelopes containing their mock results; they then had some reflection time with their form tutors; and attended an assembly with various presentations.

Assistant Headteacher, Christopher Dias, said “We hope the results day simulation will be a springboard to energise the students in the run up to their summer exams. A lot of planning and preparation went into making this a meaningful experience for our students so they get a sense of what to expect in August.”