Year 11 Final Assembly 2016

year_11_final_assembly-18On Wednesday 18th May, Year 11 students attended a final assembly before their GCSE examinations commenced.

The occasion was filled with a mixture of emotions as the students were taken through their five years at Kingsbury High School. Students settled into the hall with the traditional shirt signing; they heard from some staff that have had an impact on their time at Kingsbury High; Students took to the floor to thank their form tutors; and then after a musical interlude, they were filled with emotion when they were handed letters wishing them luck for their exams.

Stage Leader, Sandip Das, said “At Kingsbury we celebrate this important moment in their lives, confident that they are ready and able to take the next step. I look forward to their future with a great sense of optimism, and wish Year 11 good health, happiness and every success.”

KHS Unplugged


The launch of KHS Unplugged, a series of lunchtime concerts, took place on Tuesday 10th November in The Hub, a new venue within the Kingsbury High Lower school building. The initiative, organised by Mr Dominé, provides an opportunity for students to perform live, in a relaxed environment to an audience of staff and students.

Head of Music, Mr Dominé said “The school have now got this fantastic space which I thought would be perfect for informal music performances. I wanted to give our talented students more opportunities to perform, to share their talents and to inspire others to get involved. There was a real excitement to hear some of our most talented musicians and there is already a sense of anticipation for the next event in 2 weeks time.”

The first KHS Unplugged event featured music from Ziena Idani, Laveen Chandnani & Gautam Dahale and was very well received by both students and staff.

KHS Unplugged will take place every week B Tuesday in The Hub. Students and staff are welcome to attend and anyone wanting to perform should contact Mr Dominé.

Hour of Code


Kingsbury High School will be participating in an Hour of Code between the 8th to the 14th December. The Hour of Code campaign aims to demystify computer science for students across the country by taking them through introductory tutorials that can be completed online.

Teaching & Learning Champion, Paul Fuller, would like the whole school community to get involved. He said “At Kingsbury High School our Computing curriculum plays an important part in developing logic and problem solving skills which help performance in many other subject areas.
“Many business organisations and key individuals realise there is a growing demand for people that can write computer programs and those skills need to be taught in schools and developed early on.

“A lot of students took part in last year’s event, but we’d like to get more people involved this year. We want to try and get ALL students, parents, teachers, carers and governors to take part and spend an hour learning to write code.

“Computer Programming is fun and the resources are great, this year there is even a new Frozen themed activity.”To get involved, sign in as a guest to our Kingsbury Learning and Information Centre (KLIC).

Model United Nations Conference

Kingsbury High School students achieved a first at the Model United Nations conference at John Warner School, Hoddesdon (Herts) in February: winning the most distinguished delegation award – i.e. ‘the best team in the competition’. The Kingsbury team triumphed over teams from state secondary schools, grammar schools and local independent schools (e.g. Haileybury). There were around 60 teams in the conference.

The school’s winning delegation represented France. The delegates were Nebiyu Kibru (Year 13), Amro Nagdy (Year 13), Jean Charles Abid (Year 13), Akash Dasgupta (Year 11) and Iman Mohamed (Year 11) – with special credit to Sahar Abas for writing a winning resolution and Nebiyu for standing in for her at a days notice. The delegation was especially praised for the quality of its resolutions.

The school’s second delegation of India also attracted a ‘Highly Commended Delegate Award’ for Louise Aquino (Year 11), who worked incredibly hard to persuade the Human Rights Committee to accept her proposals for preventing the terrible practice of female genital mutilation. She was ably supported by Akhil Patel (Year 11), Meera Patel (Year 11) and Sakthy Uthayakumar (Year 11).
Some of the students went on to attend the Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Boys Model United Nations for a whole weekend in March, together with teams of Year 12 students, going up against some of the most prestigious independent schools in the country and some visiting international schools.

Congratulations to all involved.