Young Chef Food Competition

Samiya Hamel 8S and Laura Cretu 7B were among the five students that participated in the school’s heat of the Young Chef Rotary competition In January. As the winner and the runner up respectively, both students represented KHS in the area heat. Although Laura stopped at the area heat she had this to say about her experience:

“The rotary cooking competition was a great experience for me. I met many wonderful and experienced people, who helped me with my cooking skills.I became more interested in food nutrition….” Laura Cretu 7B

Samiya’s performance in the area heat landed her a place in the district heat.There, her freshly made Alfredo pasta dish was described by one of the distinguished judges as “the best pasta dish” in the competition.

“The young chef competition had been a fantastic experience……..” Samiya Hamel 8S

Samiya’s passion and commitment to cooking have given her the opportunity to cook in large industrial kitchens as shown in the videos attached and I wish her the best in the future.
I would like to commend Laura and other students in our school who take on opportunities like cooking competitions to challenge themselves.

Special thanks to Lucy, Gary, Tamara, Gopi, Jenny, Pravina and members of the PEEL department for their support and hard work with the competitions.The students couldnt have done it without all the support from their parents and carers.

Uchenna Omale for PEEL Department

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Rotary Club Cooking Competition

Samiya Hamel 8S and Laura Cretu 7B performed exceptionally well in the NW area final of the Rotary Young Chef Competition .They were highly commended by the host school’s food teacher and distinguished Judges. Samiya qualified for the London District with a second position out of twelve.

All twelve students from six schools were tasked with making and presenting a two course meal for two that must cost under ten pounds.Each student was expected to demonstrate high cooking skills, be able to apply food hygiene and safety rules, present dishes to restaurant standard, show some evidence for nutrition analysis and costing,demonstrate readiness to discuss made dish and be organised enough to complete task within ninety minutes.

Other participants were Totteridge Academy, Christ College, Compton, Bentley Wood and the host school Park High.

Rotary Young Chef Competition

Four Year 10 Hospitality and Catering students, Chardi Hall-Rose, Miranda Collins, Aditya Chogle and Jaysal Halai took part in the preliminary round of the Rotary Young Chef Competition which is run in schools throughout the country.

Students had to prepare a one course meal to serve two people. Cooking skills, presentation, flavours of the dish, organisation and planning skills were taken into consideration on the marking criteria. The judges were extremely impressed with the high standard of work produced by the students. They were equally impressed with the creative and artistic presentation of all the dishes.

The runner up for the competition was Jaysal Halai and the winner was Miranda Collins. These two students will go onto compete with other students from local schools in January 2016. This will lead to a London wide final eventually leading to a national final. We wish both students the best of luck in the competition.

Thanks to Pankaj Chahwala for the photographs.