Students Graduate from New Kingsbury Curriculum

On Wednesday 26th June, Year 8 students graduated from the foundation stage of a two year programme entitled the ‘Kingsbury Curriculum’. As part of this ‘curriculum’, a series of experiences, called the ‘Kingsbury Guarantee’, were offered to students to allow them to explore their talents and abilities. Students completed extended homework projects and community work, organised events and took part in residential activities. They documented their progress online and in their ‘Kingsbury Guarantee’ booklet.

The graduation ceremony, which took place at Watford Colosseum, combined introductions from Kingsbury High School’s Head Boy and Head Girl; further speeches from three Year 8 students and special guest, Melissa Loosemore from Roe Green Junior School; a musical item; a dance item and the award of three hundred graduation scrolls and badges.

Head Teacher, Jeremy Waxman said, “Our wonderful graduation ceremony at the Watford Colosseum shows that we have taken pride in achievement to new levels. And we have transformed the experience that our students receive in their first two years, from a long, slow, warm-up to an education with urgency, a broad set of experiences, and early intervention for those who arrive without the skills needed to succeed at secondary level. It was so heartwarming to see our vision for the first two years of secondary school so visibly demonstrated on that amazing evening.”

Student, Aaron Stevens, regularly donates to the RSPC and made boxes, bookmarks and key rings which were sold in the school library to raise money for St Luke’s Hospice. He has helped out at a number of school events and uses his initiative to improve the school environment. Thanks to Aaron, the school have four pet fish; Abbie, Dave, Matt and Feathery, who are now housed in the school reception area. Aaron said, “The night of the Graduation was so impressive, I felt that everyone in the auditorium was nervously excited and it was such a great night.

I didn’t know I’d graduated with Distinction. I was surprised, absolutely gob smacked and so were my parents, they felt very proud. My journey to graduation has given me many new experiences, I have learnt so much about myself and the world around me. Some of the journey was easy, some of it hard but I made it through in the end and feel very proud of my achievements”

Students, parents and staff can view or purchase photographs of the evening from DE Photos.

[photograph by Steve]

Bronze Young Ambassadors Workshop


On Wednesday 02 May 2012, Year 10 ‘adiStar’ Young Ambassador students, Alisha Dhillon and Samad Rizvi, organised a workshop to upskill a new tier of ‘Bronze Ambassadors’ students from primary schools.

The role of a Young Ambassador involves increasing participation in school sport and PE, promoting active and healthy lifestyles and spreading the word of the Olympic and Paralympic values of, Personal excellence, Respect, Friendship, Inspiration, Determination, Courage and Equality.

Students from Kingsbury Green Primary School, Roe Green Junior School and Oliver Goldsmith Primary School attended the workshop. The students will be holding assemblies and competitions in their schools to help inspire others to take part.

[text by Ms High; photographs by Camille]

Primary School Sports Festival


On Thursday 2nd February 2012 Kingsbury High School’s Year 10 Sports Leadership group held a festival for Year 2 pupils in Kingsbury High Schools’ feeder primary schools. As part of their Sports Leadership Level One course, the group planned and led a variety of multi-skills activities which enabled the younger pupils to develop fundamental movement and sport skills, such as agility, balance, co-ordination, catching and throwing.

Over 200 pupils attended from Fryent Primary School, Oliver Goldsmith Primary School, Roe Green Junior School, Kingsbury Green Primary School and St. Robert Southwell Catholic Primary School.