The Robot is Coming…

On Thursday 14th February, the school was visited by John Pinkney (humanoid) and Nao (robot) from the Warwick ICT Development Service.

Kingsbury High School’s Head of Technology, Chris Carver is currently working in partnership with John, promoting new technologies that enhance and develop teaching and learning.

This partnership directly led to the opportunity to be the first school in London to host Nao. ALDEBARAN Robotics has introduced the humanoid robot into schools world-wide, in order to increase student interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Nao was welcomed to KHS by the Head Boy & Girl. He will be on roll as a student until March 8th and is in school to demonstrate how he can engage and inspire students and help with the teaching of ICT and engineering. Nao will be treated like any other student, take part in all aspects of school life and will be expected to arrive on his first day dressed in the new Kingsbury High school uniform.

Watch out for further updates on how he is gets on at Kingsbury High School.

[text by Chris Carver/John Pinkney; photograph by Steve Foster]