Lest We Forget – School Production

lest_we_forget_poster_221113_webWe are looking forward to our production, “Lest we forget”, which commemorates the one hundredth anniversary of the start of the First World War, the so called “war to end all wars”, the ending of which produced just twenty-one years of peace in Europe despite having cost millions of lives. We will be putting on a short piece of drama devised by one of our staff, Clare Reavey, interspersed with dance pieces and songs from the period.

Tickets go on sale on Wednesday 12th March and will be available to buy from Heads of Year offices. Visitors to the school can buy their ticket(s) on the door.

Shaun Attwood Visits Kingsbury High School


Shaun Attwood, author of Hard Time, visited Kingsbury High School on Wednesday 23rd October 2013 to talk to students about his jail experience and the consequences he faced from getting involved in drugs and crime.

Shaun arrived in Phoenix, Arizona a penniless business graduate from a small industrial town in England. Within a decade, he became a stock-market millionaire.

But he also led a double life. An early fan of the UK rave scene, Shaun headed an organisation that threw raves and distributed Ecstasy in competition with the Mafia mass murderer Sammy the Bull Gravano. On May 16th 2002, a SWAT team knocked his door down.

Facing a life sentence, Shaun entered a lengthy legal battle. After two years of being held unsentenced, Shaun was convicted of money laundering and drug offences. He was sentenced to 9½ years, and served almost 6.

Shaun was released in December 2007 and continues to campaign against the poor prison conditions he suffered.

After speaking at the school, Shaun said “It’s always a great pleasure to speak at Kingsbury High School. The students bombarded me with endless questions, some stayed behind afterwards to chat and say how the talk had impacted them and many are commenting on my Twitter feed favourites.”

Some tweets from students included:

“On behalf of KHS I thank you for coming to our school today and telling us about your story. Made me think about what I really want to do with my life and who I want to be with. Thank you”

“Your presentation at my school was incredible. You are a very inspirational man & you have opened my eyes so much today Thank you!”

“Thank you for visiting our school today that was a really emotional and moving story!”

Wise Up! Face Up! Stand Up!


For their London 2012 Olympic Legacy, Kingsbury High School’s Year 8 students adopted the theme of courage. Under the campaign banner, Wise Up! Face Up! Stand Up!, the students took up the challenge of supporting the courage of families affected by cancer. Through the school year, they raised money for, and awareness of, St Luke’s Hospice, The Teenage Cancer Trust and Stand up to Cancer, part of Cancer Research UK.

Explaining the motivation behind the campaign, Deputy Year Leader, Helen Snow said “We wanted a campaign that the students could lead and be a part of, not only being courageous within their own surroundings but also understanding and promoting the courage of others.”

Students raised £1,400 for The Teenage Cancer Trust, £1,400 for Stand up to Cancer and £1,480 for St Luke’s Hospice. Students presented cheques to representatives of the three charities at the Watford Colosseum during the school’s inaugural Year 8 Graduation ceremony.

Year 8 student, Chey-Ann McLeod aged 13 said “The experience of us being able to help people with cancer has bonded us as a year group because everyone wanted to get involved. It lets you know that you can do something to help others.”

[photograph by Steve]

Year 8 are Runners Up in Brent Cricket Final


Kingsbury High School’s, Year 8, Boys Cricket team were runners up in the Brent Cricket final. They drew to Claremont High School with both teams scoring 98 runs each from 20 overs. Claremont High School were crowned champions as they had taken 7 wickets and Kingsbury High School had taken 6 wickets. It was a harsh way to lose a final, but nevertheless a great achievement for the squad for reaching the final.

[text & image by Mr Sabag]

Send My Friend to School 2013

send my friend to school 05072013 from techkhs on Vimeo.

Kingsbury High School has been supporting the Send My Friend to School campaign for seven years. The campaign, which has a different theme each year, aims to remind world leaders of the promise they made in 2000; that all children worldwide would get a quality primary education by 2015.

This year’s theme is ‘Every Child Needs a Teacher’. Year 7 students began the day with screenings of Send My Friend to School’s national campaign video, which starred Kingsbury High School Year 8 students. Students then created ‘ideal teacher’ figures and decorated them with messages about the importance of education and what makes a great teacher. These have been sent to local MP, Barry Gardiner, in the hope that he would raise the matter, in parliament, of how 1.7 million more teachers are needed worldwide to get every child into school.

At the end of the day, the entire year group gathered in the school playground to create giant teacher and student figures, designed by Mr Fordyce and Mr Beschi.

Kingsbury High School KS3 Pastoral Curriculum Leader, Ms Purtill, who organised the day said, “At the end of the day we created, with our students, a teacher caring for one of our friends. It took time to make our shape and it was very hot, however, our students were totally committed to the campaign and hoped to make a difference for the 60 million children who don’t have the same opportunities as them.”