The LIT Programme


On Monday 15th June 2015, a film crew came to visit Kingsbury High School to capture The LIT Programme in action.

The LIT Programme is an educational programme that Kingsbury High has been piloting with the Hackney Learning Trust over the past three years. Throughout this year around 70 Year 7 students have been involved in the project during their English lessons to improve their reading comprehension and writing skills.

With the footage, The Hackney Learning Trust is making a short, educational film about how The LIT Programme is delivered at Kingsbury High School. The film will feature The LIT Programme lessons, as well as short interviews where both students and staff speak about their experience of the programme this year.

Nicole Assaad, Kingsbury High School teacher and Literacy Champion said “Kingsbury High students have been making tremendous progress. Through this film, which will be made available to other educational professionals through the Hackney Learning Trust website, teachers can offer the same support to their students and will be able to see how to deliver the programme more effectively.”

Reading for Enjoyment

On Monday 14th January, the whole of Year 7 took part in an exciting ‘reading for enjoyment’ Excel day designed to encourage and celebrate reading. Both students and staff dressed up as their favourite book character with often imaginative and visual stunning results! Throughout the day a range of exciting activities were experienced such as: drama performances and role plays; reading aloud beloved preschool books to develop students’ story telling skills to engage young children; and manipulating words to create enigmatic riddles in the style of J R R Tolkien!

Students consistently celebrated their reading by building a reading tree; watching it grow throughout the day by adding to it all the elements they loved about reading books. From characters and action to voice and writers’ style, one thing is clear: the staff and students have many reasons to love reading here at KHS!

[text by Ms Sangha & Ms Bryson; photography by Steve & Camille]

Lose Yourself in a Book Competition Winners


The ‘Lose Yourself in a Book’ poster campaign, designed and created by Kingsbury High School’s Library and its own Creative Team, was launched on World Book Day 2012 and is part of a wider campaign to promote reading within the school and in the local community.

To reach out to the community and to show support for local libraries, Kingsbury High School have given a set of the posters for display at Kingsbury Library Plus, Kingsbury Road.

Wendy Levingstone, Manager at Kingsbury Library Plus, was happy to put up the posters in this busy location and said “They really are great and look fantastic on our display boards – children from Kingsbury High School have been looking at the pictures and trying to guess who is behind each book”.

Within the school, there was a competition for students to guess the identity of the well disguised members of staff in the posters. Winners were announced in school assembly on 27th March 2012.

Winner of the competition, Ritik Patel, aged 12, entered the competition as a challenge to see if he would be able to guess all of the members of staff correctly. He said “The posters were really interesting and the books reflected the teachers’ personalities or subjects. The prize was a graphics tablet which works very well and I will use it to draw things.”

Runners up were Ali Keser aged 14 and Sadaf Habibi aged 14.

To see the full set of posters see: Lose Yourself in a Book