Primary Maths Mash Up 2019

On Wednesday 26th June, the Maths department held its annual Primary Maths Mash Up. Top mathematicians in Year 5 from Kingsbury Green, Roe Green, Oliver Goldsmith, St Robert Southwell and Fryent Park were invited to Kingsbury High School to work on various mathematical challenges. They were put into 5 teams, each named after a notable mathematician; Fibonacci, Einstein, Newton, Pascal and Pythagoras and led by year 12 mathematics students.

The event kicked off with a captivating maths magic trick from Miss Brobbe which incited the curiosity and excitement of the students before the main challenges. This excitement was maintained throughout the 3 hours of intense mathematics challenges as the year fives worked in mixed school teams with fellow mathematicians they had met for the first time. There was a delightful atmosphere in K hall as all participants, including the audience, beamed with eagerness and excitement to work on challenges such as Make a Number, Speed test and Cross Number.

After 3 hours of intense mathematical problem solving, team Pascal led by Ajanth (Yr12), were announced as the winners. Andreea (Oliver Goldsmith), Olivia (St. Robert Southwell Primary), Kavish (Kingsbury Green), Kailagen (Roe Green) and Ali (Fryent Park) were awarded with the Primary Maths Mash Up trophies, KHS Maths badges and certificates handed out by Miss Brobbe.

Throughout the event, our year 12 volunteers Arezo, Ajanth, Afi, Khushi, Jaival, Monica, Rowan, Samra, Suliaman, Sujayan, Vaishnavi, Vamini and Varshneyan were a true credit to the school; they impressed the visiting primary schools so much that the teachers enquired about inviting them to their schools to deliver maths workshops! 

Year 5 young leaders programme

On Tuesday 16th January the School Sports Partnership delivered the first of our young leaders courses at Kingsbury High School. Ten year 5 students from Sinai, Lyon Park and Uxendon Manor primary schools received leadership training in the morning. They then practiced leading activities in the afternoon at one of our family festivals where we had 210 Yr 3 students from Roe Green, Kingsbury Green, Oliver Goldsmith, Fryent and St Robert Southwell. Following on from this the leaders will be expected to deliver an extra-curricular club to inactive children and also a festival within their school.
We will be hosting another 250 children from year 4 & 5 on Tuesday 23rd January.

Family Festival Kingsbury Schools Together

On Tuesday 17th October, Kingsbury High School hosted the first multi skills festival of the year for primary school students in Year 2. There were 150 pupils in attendance from Oliver Goldsmith, St. Robert Southwell and Kingsbury Green schools. They rotated around a carousel of fun and engaging activities which are designed to improve their fundamental movement skills.

Each activity was led by a Year 10 student, who had planned the activities as part of their Sports leaders UK level one award assessment.

There are another seven festivals planned for the remainder of the school year, providing opportunities for pupils in years 1-5 who are part of the Kingsbury School Sports Partnership.

Mr Waxman’s Tea Party

5 years ago Mr Waxman was invited to a tea party at Roe Green School, which is part of the Kingsbury Schools Together community, by a group of Year 6 students. This was part of a school project of the students, where he got to meet future KHS students before they joined the school and he was given a handmade card as a thank you note.

Yesterday those students were surprised by Mr Waxman who invited them to a tea party in his office in return, alongside Roe Green’s headteacher Ms Loosemore. The students got to enjoy some refreshments and cake whilst catching up with their old and current headteachers, who thoroughly enjoyed hearing how far the pupils have come and their point of view on various topics. Much to the students’ amusement Mr Waxman still had their card.

Primary Festival


On Wednesday 17th June, Kingsbury High School, Year 8, and Woodfield School, Year 7 and 9, students helped to organise and lead a Year 1 family festival. Approximately 120 students from Fryent Primary and St. Robert Southwell Primary Schools attended the festival.

As part of the School Sports Partnership, our festivals are held regularly throughout the year to give the older students a chance to practice their leadership skills whilst also enabling the younger students to develop fundamental movement skills such as agility, balance and co-ordination.

Beyond the Baseline


The Tennis Foundation has partnered with the Youth Sports Trust to deliver an exciting new programme called Beyond the Baseline.

Beyond the Baseline uses tennis and inspirational tennis mentors to nurture students’ aspirations and put them on the path to achieving them. Kingsbury High School’s selected students are lucky to work with Paralympic Wheelchair tennis player and mentor, Louise Hunt, over three sessions.

The Year 9 students were inspired by Louise when hearing about her experiences of playing tennis and the obstacles she has overcome both on and off the court; and they had a series of practical sessions where they learnt the rules of the game, how to umpire, exercises and techniques they can use while playing tennis and they learnt how these skills relate to real life.

The students will use their newly found skills to run tennis sessions for Year 3 and 4 students from surrounding primary schools.

Louise said “I am really excited to be working with the students from Kingsbury High. Last week was my first visit and I was really impressed with the students’ enthusiasm to embrace the Beyond the Baseline programme. I am really looking forward to my up and coming visits and seeing the young peoples’ project taking shape!”