Hour of Code


Kingsbury High School will be participating in an Hour of Code between the 8th to the 14th December. The Hour of Code campaign aims to demystify computer science for students across the country by taking them through introductory tutorials that can be completed online.

Teaching & Learning Champion, Paul Fuller, would like the whole school community to get involved. He said “At Kingsbury High School our Computing curriculum plays an important part in developing logic and problem solving skills which help performance in many other subject areas.
“Many business organisations and key individuals realise there is a growing demand for people that can write computer programs and those skills need to be taught in schools and developed early on.

“A lot of students took part in last year’s event, but we’d like to get more people involved this year. We want to try and get ALL students, parents, teachers, carers and governors to take part and spend an hour learning to write code.

“Computer Programming is fun and the resources are great, this year there is even a new Frozen themed activity.”To get involved, sign in as a guest to our Kingsbury Learning and Information Centre (KLIC).