Students apply physics to football at the Emirates Stadium


Students from Kingsbury High School took part in a day of physics and football at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium on May 15, 2015. The day concluded an eight-week program to engage students with science by applying it to football.

Prior to the day, students had been attending after-school physics and football clubs where they learnt about such concepts as projectiles, impact area and centre of mass and applied their knowledge in practice on the football pitch.

The project was made possible by a grant from the John Lyon’s Charity and was run in partnership with the Institute of Physics (IOP) and Arsenal and Queen’s Park Rangers (QPR) football clubs.

Arsenal has an existing education program that combines football with learning in several curriculum areas, called the Arsenal Double Club. Arsenal in the Community education officer Jack McNicholl said that through it, the club aimed to use football to encourage young people with their learning and to interest them in new things. He said: “It’s been great to work with the Institute of Physics to develop football sessions that help our participants to understand how physics applies to their everyday lives.”

During the program, IOP physics coaches worked alongside each school’s physics teacher to help students explore physics concepts. They then worked with a PE teacher, or a coach from Arsenal in the Community or QPR to apply their knowledge on the pitch.

At the event, the focus was on the spin and trajectory of the ball and why footballers sometimes kick across the ball rather than straight through it. Students learnt how an additional force comes into play when the ball has spin, and experimented with backspin, topspin and sidespin to see how this changes the path of the ball.

As well as football training and physics activities, the day included a tour of the Emirates Stadium and each of the students were given Arsenal-branded attendance certificates and a goody bag to take home. As well as Kingsbury High School, other participating schools included The Crest Academies, Whitefield School and William Ellis School.

The IOP’s project coordinator, Manchi Chung, said: “This has been a unique partnership with Arsenal and QPR, working together to show that physics and its way of thinking can appeal to any and all students, exploring with them how physics does have something to say about how players can refine their footballing techniques on the pitch.”

Thanks to the IOP for the photography.

Great Yarmouth Football Tour

Great Yarmouth Football Tour

Fourteen Year 9 students went on a football tour during a recent trip to Great Yarmouth. Playing against clubs from all over the UK, they finished in third place, missing out on the final by only one point. This was a fantastic achievement as they were the youngest team in the school tournament.

The highlight of the tour was being awarded with a trophy for the ‘Best Sporting Team’ by former England footballer, Ray Clemence. The award celebrated their excellent behaviour both on and off the pitch.

Whilst in Great Yarmouth, the students also participated in extracurricular activities including, go karting, quasar, arcades and a pool tournament.

Congratulations to the following students: Hayden Graham, Samh Aouidef, Anuj Chitroda, Kushal Shah, Amari Mogre, Joshua Machedo, Liban Mohamed, Emmanuel Weber, Ermir Selmani, Kraig Mcleod, Sean Byrne, Brandon Todd, Ashlee Hibbert and Zubear Zulfiqar.

Arsenal Double Club


This term, a group of Year 9 Kingsbury High School students participated in the Arsenal Double Club initiative.

The students attended after school clubs where they practised their language skills for 45 minutes and then honed their football skills for a further 45, with a chance to socialise at half-time. The scheme hopes to raise the profile of languages in schools and encourage students to take a language at GCSE.

In the first half, students developed their language skills in the classroom, working with specially designed, Arsenal-themed workbooks, interactive PowerPoint activities and videos featuring the international stars of the Arsenal squad speaking in their native languages.

In the second half, students moved to the football pitch, where they honed not only their ball skills, but also the vocabulary and phrases they learnt in the classroom in a series of coaching activities from the Arsenal training manual.

At the end of the programme, the students were rewarded with a trip to Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal Football Club, for a tour with a multilingual member of the Arsenal in the Community staff. Here, students were encouraged to practice their language skills while visiting the Directors’ Box, the media area and the changing rooms, as well as going pitch-side to see the famous turf from the manager’s perspective.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Zeinab Fekri, aged 13 said “I am really looking forward to telling other students about what a wonderful opportunity I had and how much I have improved my knowledge’’.

Year 9 Boys on Tour

Kingsbury High School’s Year 9 boys football team went on a five day football tour to Great Yarmouth.

The tour proved to be Kingsbury High School’s most successful to date. In a tournament containing teams from both Years 9 & 10, we came 1st in Year 9 and 2nd overall.

Along with a magnificent trophy for our achievements, we were awarded a  trophy for our sporting conduct on and off the pitch. Please congratulate the following boys: Andy Awuku, Amir Masoud, Nikane Robinson, Navic Lokilo, Sadiq Sahal, Shahan Muthakim, Daniel Emmanuel, Yasir Mohammed, Gyasi Femiola, Sami Abraham, Kwame Boateng, Tomi Ibrahim, Nimshi Kongolo, Jordan Traore and Rio Beach.

[text by Mr Sabag; photographs provided by Mr Sabag]

Year 9 Brent Champions


Kingsbury High School’s Year 9 students were successfully crowned Brent Champions for the second consecutive year with a fantastic team performance and positive 4-0 final result. Two goals each from Sami Abraham and Tomi Ibrahim secured a great victory in which the whole squad performed to a level the opponents couldn’t compete with. Defensively the team worked very hard, limited the opponents scoring opportunities and made effective decisions. The whole squad celebrated on the final whistle as the victory crowned a fantastic season for all those involved, congratulations to the whole team.

[text & photographs by Mr Donald]