During ‘Eco-Project’ 2012, Year 8 students generated ideas to create a more Eco-Friendly school. One of the recurring themes was for students to ‘recycle more’. Presently the students only recycle paper.

It was discovered by the Eco-Club that, Maths teacher, Ms Mpiani-Brobbe, collects clothes to send to Cherubs Children’s Home, an orphanage in Ghana. The club thought this would be an excellent way of recycling clothes and would tie in with the idea of ‘recycling more’ at Kingsbury High School. They promptly interviewed Ms Mpiani-Brobbe, publicised the project in assemblies, set a time scale for the collections, sorted the clothes, shoes and books before packaging.

The following is an extract from the Eco-Club interview with Ms Mpiani-Brobbe:

Where is the orphanage located?

Cherubs Children’s Home is in a suburb of Kumasi which is one of the main cities in Ghana.

What is the age range?

At the moment, the age range of the residents is 8 months to 21 years. The youngest baby came in because her mum passed away just after she gave birth.

Is it only clothes that you can use?

Reading books will also be useful.  The residents are taught on site as there isn’t enough money to send them to school. Shoes will be useful too.

The eco-club and Ms Mpiani-Brobbe would like to say a big thank you to all the students and staff who made donations.

[text by Ms Jacobs; photographs by Steve & Ms Mpiani-Brobbe]