International Inspiration

This week, as part of International Inspiration, London 2012’s official international sports legacy programme, Kingsbury High School is playing host to their partner school from Egypt, the El Tabary School in Cairo.

International Inspiration has enriched the lives of more than 12 million children in 20 countries and encourages schoolchildren, teachers and coaches in the UK to learn about other cultures and exchange knowledge and experiences with peers in International Inspiration countries. The programme is delivered around the world by a unique partnership of organisations including the British Council, UNICEF and UK Sport.

On Monday 28th January 2013, staff and students at Kingsbury High School welcomed two members of staff from the El Tabary School. Flag waving students lined the entrance and corridors of the lower school.

Mr Mahmoud Ibrahim Fahim Hassan, Head Teacher, El Tabary School and Mr Magdy Fathy Hamed Ebrahem, Lead P.E. Teacher, El Tabary School are in Kingsbury High School, engaged in a week long programme focused on sport. They will be involved in activities including, primary school sports festivals run by Kingsbury High Schools’ students, Cricket, Archery and Gymnastics.

Mr Mahmoud Ibrahim Fahim Hassan said “We hope to learn from Kingsbury High School and take our experiences back for our students to benefit from.”

16 year-old, Kingsbury High School student, Mesha Vadhev, said “We look forward to strengthening the relationship between our school and their school. It was a really nice gesture with the exchange of gifts when they arrived. They gave us a flag of their school which I thought was nice.”

Assistant Head Teacher, Matthew Price, who visited the El Tabary School in November, said “We are really excited about this project as we hope to gain even closer links to the school, through sport, over the next three years.”

Seb Coe, Chair of London 2012 said: “Our vision is to use the power of the Games to inspire change – and changing lives is the driving force behind our plans. We took a very clear promise to Singapore – to encourage the youth of the world to choose sport – and Kingsbury High School’s involvement is another key step towards delivering that promise. Sport can be a great force for good, and the International Inspiration programme will play a real role in improving the lives of young people around the world through sport.”

[text by Camille Shah; photography by Steve Foster and Camille Shah; video by Erik Windrich]

El Tabary Preparatory School


Kingsbury High School would like to thank the El Tabary Preparatory School in Cairo with whom we are working on an international partnership with for the next three years. The aim is to develop PE in both schools.

نحن في المدرسة العليا بكنجس بري نريد ان نرحب بمدرسة الطبري الاعدادية بالقاهرة حيث اننا نعمل في اطار شراكة دولية خلال السنوات الثلاثة القادمة و نهدف الى تطوبر التربية الرياضية في كلا من المدرستين.

[photograph & text provided by Mr Price]