A highlight of each year as an art teacher is the annual exhibition. Now housed in TOLC the exhibition showcases work from GCSE, BTEC and A-Level students. It is a chance for students, teachers and invited guests to see the results of the hundreds of hours of observation, recording, development and creative thinking our young artists engage in; many of whom go on to study on art courses at university prior to entering careers in the creative industries – one of the UK’s largest employers.

This year the show boasted a breadth of work that was diverse in both form and concept. From Ashfa’s architectural paper pyramids that evoke a world of both the far off future and the distant past, to Heeba’s feminist reinterpretations of the religious iconography of the renaissance, the work on display reflects the range of intellectual, cultural and political perspectives that our uniquely composed community hold.

Whereas the free ice-cream may have been the motivation for the crowd of year 7 and 8 students who flocked the library at 3:30pm on Wednesday afternoon, it was the magic of the artwork on display that informed their conversations in the space and beyond it. For the parents, senior citizens and the students who came to see their own work on display this event was a celebration of the effort, rigour, risk-taking and confidence that was evident in every piece.

Kingsbury High School has a proud history of inspiring and developing successful artists, designers, musicians and performers. Whether our graduates continue with a path into the arts or not, the learning that underpins such great success in these subjects provides our leavers with a skill set that is transferable and applicable in any area of their professional or personal lives, and long may it continue.

Final Sixth Form Assembly

On the 26 May the Sixth Form students attended their last assembly at Kingsbury High School. It is tradition that staff create a dedicated assembly filled with surprises for all the students, which leaves the pupils to walk away with a smile on their face when reflecting on their time they had in the school. It is an emotional event, as it brings back memories from all the years students’ spend in the school, but it is also a celebration of their efforts and hard work put into their studies.

After the assembly the students and staff move onto further celebration with the Sixth Form BBQ. Here the students get one last chance to relax and enjoy their friends’ and teachers’ company before the final revisions of their important A Level Examinations start.

We wish all the students all the best for their exams and their future and we hope that their will become part of our extensive Alumni Network so we can continue to celebrate their successes.

EPQ presentations

On Friday 28th April, ten A level students had the opportunity to showcase their excellent work during the annual EPQ presentations. It was a proud and emotional day for the students and, as with the brilliant HPQ evening earlier in the month, a great occasion for the school in celebrating intellectual curiosity, the pursuit of academic research and individual student achievements.

The projects covered a diverse range of topics, including ‘Woman in Afghanistan’, ‘Transracial adoption’ and ‘India’s economic development’. During the outstanding presentations the students gave an overview of their research methods, explained often personal reasons for choosing specific topics,set out their conclusions as well as educating the audience. All ten students gave an exceptional performance, showing remarkable knowledge and interest in their chosen areas of research.

Year 13 Biology Field Trip


A Level Biology students from Kingsbury High School took an eight day field trip to Orielton, South Wales from the 16th to the 23rd September 2015. The purpose of the trip was to complete a whole module of work through practical exercises and assessments. The 28, Year 13 students worked in all-weather to collect specimens for analysis and presented their findings to their peers.

Acting Head of Faculty, Hannah Patel, said “It was an excellent week, with all students working hard from 9am until 8:30pm every day with breaks few and far between. Students behaved very well and on the whole were a credit to Kingsbury High School. I was left feeling very proud! A special thank you goes to Mr Sait for working hard to organise a well-run, smooth trip.”

A Level Results Day 2015


Some Highlights from the day:

Mohammad El-Gendi

English Language A
Religious Studies A
Extended Project Qualifiaction A*

Next Step
Law at UCL

Biggest Inspiration
“Teachers. Always the teachers. The support they have given me has been amazing. They provided me all the help I needed from start to finish. They always found extra time to help me during lunch, breaks and half term to mark my endless stream of papers and essays.”


Zoe Yerolemou

Economics A
Maths B
History B
Politics A*

Next Step
Law at Nottingham

Biggest Inspiration
“Mr. Mitchell in Politics and friends – Jayna, Radhika, Mitisha, Vishalee.”


Dhaval Shah

Maths A*
Economics A*
Further Maths A
Physics A

Next Step
Economics at Warwick

Biggest Inspiration
“Being Head Boy, I found inspiration from all areas of Kingsbury High including sport, music, academic and community, but my biggest inspiration was Mr. Mitchell who always had time to support me.”


Natasha Mutungi

English Language B
Religious Studies B
Sociology A*

Next Step
Philosophy at Sheffield

Biggest Inspiration
“My Dad and Mum. Here’s my story – I lost my dad during December last year and during my exams I was grieving and constantly giving up. But the belief that my dad had in me kept me going. I just wanted to make him and my mum proud.”


Sophie Rozanski

Maths A
Biology A
Psychology A

Next Step
Psychology at Royal Holloway

Biggest Inspiration
“My sister because we’re really close and she looks up to me so I wanted her to be proud and want to follow in my footsteps.

I wanted to inspire her and do well so that she’s motivated to do well.”

Thanks to Bruce Viveash for the photography.


Good Luck Messages and Advice From Former Students


“Hi Year 11’s!! Good luck for your exams! As a former KHS student I know exactly how you are feeling. Just remember all the hard work you put in now will pay off in the future. Don’t get too stressed and take regular breaks when revising, and think of the relief you will feel once you are done! GCSE’s are a great stepping stone to avenues you may want to take later on so just do your very best.” 🙂

Kajal Mistry

Optometrist, Leaving Year 2002


“I look back and think GCSE’s were probably the most easiest examinations that I’ve ever had to do, if only I saw it this way when I was sitting them. I’m telling you now that all you need to do is put those hours of revision in, don’t leave it last minute! I remember when I was doing my GCSE’s, there was a lot of pressure and competition around me but I chose to just focus on my work as no one else’s grades would do anything for me. I ended up with excellent GCSE’s but that was due to going to those extra revision classes, revising, listening to my teachers and staying away from the sun (Why do we have exams in summer?!) Don’t stress, just focus! Remember, that laziness pays of NOW, but hard work will pay off LATER.”

Tia Jounija

Founder of Wishful Smiles Charity

“When I was studying for my A levels, I recorded all the things I needed to revise and listened to it in my sleep. Years later I trained as a hypnotherapist and discovered that recording myself was a very good thing to do, as our subconscious mind takes information in even as we drift off to sleep, and sleep helps move all the short term memory
to long term. Making sure you plan revision and exercise between revision times, can also help the brain hold the information.

Don’t panic, use mindfulness and relaxation to help you cope better.

I am currently seeing A level and degree level students in Oxford for stress management for exams and if any pupils would like to have a copy of my CD then they are most welcome to download it from Soundcloud.”

Penny Ling

BA(Hons) DHP CBT(Hyp) SFBT(Hyp) SFBTSUP(Hyp) AccHypSup MNCH(Reg) CNHC(Reg) AfSFH
Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

“Hope all goes well and you get the results you hope for. These are important exams but remember they’re not the only important things in life so try to keep them in perspective. It works out in the end.”

Wendy Figueira (Groves)

Left Kingsbury High School in 1981 and is now a head teacher in small village primary school. Married for 30 years to someone she met at Kingsbury High.