Primary Maths Mash Up at KHS

On Wednesday 27th June, the Maths department held its annual Primary Maths Mash Up. Top mathematicians in Year 5 from Kingsbury Green, Roe Green, Oliver Goldsmith and St Robert Southwell Catholic Primary were invited to Kingsbury High School to work on various mathematical challenges. They were put into 5 teams, each named after a notable mathematician; Fibonacci, Einstein, Newton, Pascal and Pythagoras and led by Year 12 mathematics students.

The year 5 students competed in 4 rounds which put to test their ability to think logically to solve worded problems and complete puzzles such as Cross Number. They impressed both the teachers and sixth formers with their quick thinking and mathematical ability, with many of the Year 12 leaders claiming “These Year 5s are better in maths than I am!”.

After an intense 4 hours of mathematical problem solving, team Pascal scored the highest in all four rounds and were announced as the winners. The winners Adeline (Oliver Goldsmith), Colin (Robert Southwell Primary), Mael (Kingsbury Green) and Minisha (Roe Green) were awarded with the Primary Maths Mash Up trophies, KHS Maths badges and certificates handed out by Mr Waxman.

Year 13 Leavers’ Assembly 2018

Year 13 ended their time in Sixth Form with some special ‘awards’ presented in the study room. There was much laughter and both staff and students had a wonderful time. The event was followed by a social for year 13 complete with an amazing curry, fabulous live music (including Mr Waxman singing) and a bouncy castle. Good luck with exams and see you all on 2 July for the proper Awards Evening.

Year 4 Family Festival

30 Year 7 students got their first taste of Kingsbury Leadership this Tuesday, they spent the morning learning leadership skills with Ms High. They were then joined by 210 Year 4’s from Kingsbury Green, Oliver Goldsmith, Roe Green, Fryent and St Robert Southwell. The leaders put on a number of engaging and fun activities, getting the young people active whilst working on their physical literacy.

Final Week for our Year 11 Students

Last week was a memorable week for our Year 11 students. First they were invited to the Year 11 Evening of Achievement which is designed to give KHS an opportunity to recognise the tremendous amount of effort and commitment our Year 11 students have applied to all aspects of school life over the past two years in the Examination Stage.
It was a very difficult job for the teachers to decide who to nominate from a year group with so many diligent students, and KHS is fortunate to have such well motivated, trustworthy and courteous students who manage to fulfill their potential.  This is only made possible by the continued support of both parents and staff.
140 students were nominated by various faculties, with the awards reflecting the KHS values of PRIDE- Personal Excellence, Respect and Friendship, Inspiration, Determination and Courage and Equality.
Musical entertainment was provided by Monica Motealoo on piano, and the evening culminated with the presentation of the Headteacher’s Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for Student of the Year to Shruti Hirani, Eden Behl and Andrei Roman. Thank you also to Atiya Zia, one of our Year 12 photography students for attending the event and taking photos.
This was followed by the annual Year 11 Leavers Assembly on Friday 11th May which Year 11 students attended before their GCSE examinations commenced.
The day started with traditional shirt signings in their classes followed by a the Leavers Assembly in the School Hall. The occasion was filled with a mixture of sentiments as the students were taken through their five years at KHS. Students took to the floor to thank their Form tutors and then after a musical interlude, they were given a send off full of emotion.
”At KHS we take pride in celebrating this important moment in their lives, confident that they are ready and able to take the next step. I look forward to their future with a great sense of optimism, and wish Year 11 good health, happiness and every success.”
Special thanks go to Basmah Mohamed for her spoken word reflections on school life, and to Tahaa Doraid for his musical performance.
We wish all our Year 11s the very best for their exams and their future.
Sandip Das, Examination Stage Leader

Young Writer’s Poetry Games Writing Competition

The English Department are pleased to announce that a range of students from Years 7 – 11 that entered the Young Writer’s Poetry Games Writing competition have had their poems published.

These talented writers have taken it upon themselves to write about various topics ranging from underlying issues within the community to comedic and joyful poems.

KHS held a ceremony to commemorate the students’ hard work with hot chocolate, croissants and a spoken word poetry session.

These poems are a true testament to the raw talent, passion and dedication we have to writing at Kingsbury High School. We with them all the success for the future.

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Sixth Form EPQ Presentations 2018

In April seventeen students from Years 12 and 13 successfully navigated the trials and obstacles of the academic research process by concluding their extended essays for the AQA EPQ, which is essentially a 5,000 word dissertation for A-level students. In keeping with the dissertation theme, students have to present their findings to an audience of staff and peers, which is the final assessed part of the qualification. Every year, Mr Windrich keeps a video record of the presentations to assist the examiners and these will be placed on eStream in due course.

The point of the projects is to extend learning beyond the A-level specifications and to give students the opportunity to choose their own research topics, thus playing to personal strengths and enthusiasms.

This year has been a great year for considering the wide range of passions and interests our Sixth Form students hold:
Akira Allman (Politics and Philosophy: the merits of pan-Africanism);
Haider Nazerali (the provision of education for hearing-impaired students);
Siham Sahal (clan dynamics in Somalia and the persecution of one group); Pranay Vekaria (Physics: cold fusion as a potential source of energy);
Shaneilla Lewin (why we use certain colours for wedding and funeral garments);
Abeena Devanand (the implications for society of longevity drugs)
Hamza Butt (the merits of drone technology)
Gobindth Kaneshwaran (cryptocurrencies versus fiat currencies)
Adam Badawy (Napoleon: aggressor or defender?);
Wahab Rahmani (Physics: Are we living in a simulation?)
Lemah Islam (Law: on the effectiveness of English law in relation to “honour” crimes)
Nikita Patel (Law: a “good samaritan” law for the UK?)
Don Jayasekera (Medicine: on tackling dengue fever);
Muriel Gilbertson (Law: on English law’s impact on the issue of racial equality)
Aaron Stevens (on military aviation, and the influence of the Horton 229)
Saara Ali (True crime: was the hanging of Hanratty a miscarriage of justice?);
Yasmin Warsame (on the reasons why Somalia might be regarded as a failed state).

The projects are currently being assessed and will be sent to the AQA Exam Board by 15 May. After that, on Thursday 24th May, Year 9 students will be presenting their shorter academic research projects for a related qualification, the HPQ, from 5pm in Tyler’s and Croft Hall. Please support this wonderful event if you can. For further information about this evening, please contact Ms Ruparelia.

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ofsted report 2018

Kingsbury High is proud to publish our Ofsted report following an inspection on 20th March. The inspection, which took place with one day’s notice, found that Kingsbury High remains a good school.

The report expresses great confidence in the work of the school, led as it was at the time of the inspection by Ms Regan.

I am particularly proud that the report remarks upon the improved progress made by students in the 2016 and 2017 GCSE examinations. These are the first two year groups to have moved all the way through what we call “the Kingsbury Curriculum”, starting with our Foundation Stage, the Kingsbury Guarantee and graduation.

Further highlights in the report include the continued success of English, high levels of confidence among girls in Maths and the success we have with students from less advantaged backgrounds.

I could go on but we have attached the report so that you can see for yourselves. It’s a great read!

My congratulations to all students and staff who worked so hard for the results referred to, to all who have played a part in guiding the school through the four years since our last report and to our incredibly supportive parents. We share the ambitions you have for your sons and daughters and will do everything we can to push them to further successes.
Jeremy Waxman
2010-2017 and 2018