2019 EPQ presentations

The 2019 EPQ presentations saw students set up displays in the 6th Form Centre and deliver talks to year 9 HPQ students (who were a fantastic and enthusiastic audience) and then their supervisors on the results of their work this year.  EPQ projects covered a wide array of topics from a thoroughly well researched examination of the political justification of the Modi Government’s Beef ban by Heer Trivedi to Grzegorz Grzesiak compelling historical evaluation on what were the most significant factors in the partitioning of Poland.  Students have worked exceptionally hard to gather and explore a wide range of sources to complete their projects with some, such as Yash Patel, collecting a significant set of primary data.  Leading Yash to conclude that although many people cite ethics as an important factor in how they view brands when it came to purchasing decisions it was not as important as other factors (such as price).  Zainab Jalali spoke very confidently (her careful preparation and practice event to all) on the interplay and entanglement of Afghan culture and religious tradition.  A group of 5 year 9 boys huddled round a table transfixed by Issa Jewett who effortless spoke in the most incredible detail about his research findings into a failed military operation during ww2.  Shannon Martindale blended a love of history and sociology into a particular area of interest of hers on entertainment and class.  Zubeyda demonstrated superb resolve, changing how she would deliver her presentation based on her practice run and delivering a commanding performance on the power of experimental poetry. Truly inspirational work from a cohort of highly dedicated students.

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