First Give Charity Final

On Thursday we held the final of the First Give Charity Project. This is a programme that year 8’s have been working very hard on during their last two Excel Days. The final was held in K Hall and judged by four people, two of which were external.

The students had to do a 5-minute presentation in their group by explaining what their chosen charity did and why they should be selected for the £1000 prize. We had 9 groups in the final and the winning group came from 8U consisting of Masood Yadgary, Sammy Amzel, Roxana Andriescu, Suhayla Hamel and Fawziya Haji.

Please congratulate all participants and thank you to all those who attended and have supported the project. Special thanks to Catrin Williams and Gopi Vekaria for their contribution during this project.

Four of our photography students, LyesZafoune, Binisha Varsani, Mukim Mahfuzh and Adam Azzoug supported the event and took photos in order to gain some internal work experience.

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