Stand Against Hate- Workshop for all Year 12s

In the Sixth Form Study Room on Friday 9 March, all Year 12 students listened intently to our amazing speaker, Mike B. Haines, who delivered an emotional, heart-felt appeal to students about standing up to hatred. Mike’s session was part of our enrichment programme for the Sixth Form and, on this occasion, addressed the PREVENT agenda in a broad approach which forced us all to consider how hatred is an unhelpful response for humanity to thrive in a spirit of togetherness.

Mike’s heroic brother, an aid worker in Syria, was sadly kidnapped by ISIS and was tragically murdered. Since that time, Mike has dedicated himself to speaking all over the UK to help combat hatred in all spheres of life: his message stretching more broadly than just ISIS but also addressing the Far Right.

Mr Haines was overwhelmed by our KHS Sixth Formers who listened with huge respect for one hour to Mike’s story and powerful message. Mike commented that, not only was the audience the best he had experienced, but the quality of the questions was certainly the most challenging he had received and he was delighted to answer each one as best he could…though there were no easy answers to some questions!

Our thanks to Ms Hollingworth for scheduling this important talk. We all wish Mike well with his campaign and KHS looks forward to welcoming him again next year to speak to our incoming Year 12s.

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