Be Strong Online Ambassador Training Day at KHS

On the 31 January KHS hosted The Be Strong Online Ambassador training day. 8 schools joined the KHS Be Strong Online Ambassadors in an all-day training session during which the students met other students with the same passion to help and support their peers. The Day was led by The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign, the Diana Award was set up in memory of the work of Princess Diana. This charity supports young adults in their learning about the different challenges teenagers have to face in their day to day lives in our modern digital world. During a number of workshops students gained awareness of the impacts the internet has on this generation and how to cope with the stress of dealing with this. Students had to think about what impact social media can have on each individual and the consequences any online activity may bring. An eye opening honest workshop that highlighted the reality and importance of online presence, knowledge and understanding.

All students that took part in the workshop are now qualified Be Strong Online Ambassadors. KHS has 5 Ambassadors for each year group, each student applied for the opportunity by writing a letter with their hopes and aspirations for the project. They will be responsible for running short educational sessions for students on online safety, facilitating discussions about students’ digital lives and online behaviour, and running campaigns across our school to raise awareness of digital issues. Our Ambassadors are now getting ready to launch the Campaign across our school.

‘It isn’t about doing something for yourself, it is about helping your friends and supporting them. We also need to highlight the positives the internet has, not just the negatives.’ Danielle

‘We need to be strong together and support each other.’ Marimar

‘It was wonderful to see our hall filled with 120 passionate young people from all across London come to Kingsbury with a commitment to help our young people be resilient when managing themselves online. Throughout the day the hall was buzzing with energy and ideas and a determination to make an impact on their school communities. I am certainly looking forward to seeing our own Kingsbury Be Strong Online Ambassadors get to work, to support our students dealing with the complexities of being online.’ Sarah Purtill, Head of Safeguarding.

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