New student leadership team

There was a special assembly in K Hall on Friday morning as the Headteacher and Sixth Form Management Team announced their annual selections for Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputies, Senior Prefects and Ambassadors. Mr Waxman took the audience through his personal journey, reflecting on how he became the person he now is and the importance of being complete as a person. This is something KHS regards very highly in developing its students, by not only creating students who are academically successful, but also by developing character and the rounded person through Excel Days and extracurricular opportunities.
Mr Waxman then moved on to announcing the new student leadership team. Congratulations to all the new prefects, the 6 new Deputy Headgirls and Headboys as well as Haider Nazerali and Sara Dehvari on becoming our new Head Boy and Girl respectively. These individuals have made a hugely positive impression at the school and will be excellent role models for younger students. We wish them every success in their new roles.

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