Girls Active Innovation Project

Students in Year 7 & 9 are currently receiving swimming lessons at Wembley Leisure Centre as part of the ‘Girls Active Innovation’ Project. Three girls in Year 9 are inspiring their younger peers, who are also unable to swim, by facing their fears and showing a ‘growth mindset’ approach to learning.

Girls Active Innovation is a pilot programme which has been set up by the Youth Sports Trust to try and identify and deliver new approaches to increasing girls’ involvement and participation in PE, school sport, physical activity and leadership.

Our association with Kingsbury School Sports Partnership has allowed us to be one of the first schools to deliver this exciting project.

‘ I’ve come to England in Year 6, so I didn’t have any swimming lessons. It was very important for me to learn this life saving skill. Us three Year 9s, held a meeting with some 7 girls who were also unable to swim. We wanted to be the best role model to them, so although we were a little scared at the beginning, we inspired the Year 7 girls to swim with us.’ (Valentina Gah, Year 9)

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