KHS Debating Society


In a fantastic week for debating at Kingsbury High School, Sara Dehvari and Enilla Ansari claimed victory over three hard-fought rounds at the Cambridge Union to reach Finals Day of the competition, to be held on Saturday 18th February. This was the highlight of an intense week of competitive debating, which also saw Kingsbury High School hosting almost twenty schools and over a hundred student debaters in the Sixth Form Study Centre for the Oxford Union Debating Competition; and host five schools for the second round of the English Speaking Union (ESU) Mace competition.
Without exception, Kingsbury’s students debated with distinction against some incredibly tough competition, including debaters who represent the national team (and defeated by Brenda Muhiddin and Hadi Hijazi in the Cambridge Union competition) and many high-achieving and well-known independent schools. To give a taste of the debating motions, our students faced: ‘This House would never use trial by jury’, ‘This House would set a quota of 40% women for Parliament’ and ‘This House would ban doctors from taking strike action’. Other than in the Mace competition, our students had just 15 minutes to prepare, without access to any written resources. The following students debated for Kingsbury:
Sara Dehvari (Yr 12)
Enilla Ansari (Yr 12)
Haider Nazerali (Yr 12)
Brenda Muhiddin (Yr 13)
Hadi Hijazi (Yr13)
Dhruv Sharan (Yr 13)
Akira Allman (Yr 12)
Salem Ali (Yr 12)
Nauman Zahid (Yr 12)
Hassan Naima (Yr 11)
Jaysal Halai (Yr 11)
In preparation for the Cambridge Union Finals Days our students have attended a debating workshop led by an experienced debater, George Benson. This year’s debating success reflects the efforts of Ms Tumber in promoting the lunch-time Debating Society to Upper School students across the age range, which has resulted in one of the most exciting years yet for this long-established school club. Thank you to every member of staff who contributed to our debating events over the last week: the students really appreciate your support.

Mr Mitchell, Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Oxford Union Debating Competition:

Cambridge Union:

English Speaking Union (ESU) Mace competition:

George Benson:

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