Year 8 students’ success at the First Give Final


This is the first year we have worked on the First Give Project and the Year 8 students were introduced to the programme during the schools’ extended learning programme where the students had the opportunity to research and develop presentation techniques for their chosen charities. On Monday 12 December KHS hosted the First Give Final where 12 groups pitched their charities to a panel of judges which included the Mayor of Brent, Parvez Ahmed, Ms Rachel Kitley, Ms Pippa Woodrow, Ms Mahima Vekaria and Dhruv Bhatt in order to win £250 for third and second place and £1000 for the first place.

The judges, parents, members of the charities, staff and students were treated to 12 high quality, well-rehearsed presentations, not only showing the students’ passion for the charities, but also the effort that went into the research and the presentation preparations. We had poems, role play, personal stories, songs, creative artworks and videos.

The 12 chosen charities were Cancer Research UK, Age UK, Save the Children, St. Luke’s Hospice, Teenage Cancer Trust, Actavia Foundations, Act Against Bullying, The Trussel Trust, Barnet Community Transport, Mental Health Foundation and Worldwide Wildlife Foundation (WWF).

Congratulations to all the teams, each team delivered a fantastic presentation and it was a very difficult decision for the judges to pick the three winners. Third place went to WWF, second place to Age UK (Anastasia’s team) and the £1000 first prize went to Age UK (Anika’s team).  They said  ‘We learned a lot during the process, especially vital skills for presenting and making official phone calls and the money will make a big difference to some people out there this Christmas’.


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