Liberate the elves


Today Year 12 students Sara Dehvari and Haider Nazerali, hosted one final debate before Christmas, a debate that is slightly different to the usual ones that take place at KHS. For the first time the students ran the debate where the proposition and opposition were represented by members of staff. The idea is the inspire students and encourage the engagement of the staff / student relationship.

Sara said ‘We want to show the true community feel of Kingsbury High School, although we are here to learn, we are also here to be inspired and have a bit of fun along the way. This is the first time we are running this date and hope to make it an annual thing’

The debate with the motion: ‘This house as the US would invade Lapland, depose Santa and liberate the elves’ and it delivered all of the above and more. A lively event engaging students and staff with very strong arguments from both sides, however the very close public vote made the proposition the winner.

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