‘Experience is the teacher of all things. ‘ Julius Caesar


The Donmar Theatre came to KHS as part of their Shakespeare Trilogy workshops. During the workshop, the Year 9 students worked directly with Jordana Golbourn from Donmar Theatre who gave them an insight into theatre productions and ran a number of workshops during which the students performed scenes from various Shakespeare Trilogy, discussed performance techniques as well as methods used by professional actors to deliver plays.
Part of the experience was a trip to the new Donmar Theatre in Kings Cross on Monday 5 December to watch Julius Caesar. The new theatre has been opened to allow a wider audience to have the opportunity to see plays at a reduced price, making it more affordable and attractive for a younger audience. More information about their Young+ Free scheme can be found on:

Jordana says: ‘‘The Donmar offers an exciting range of opportunities for our audiences to get closer to our work, from performances and projects for schools and young people to talks and workshops for everyone. Each of our productions is accompanied by a Behind the Scenes guide, a series of Open Workshops exploring the play and the rehearsal process, and an unmatched Schools Matinee programme for our younger audiences.’’
(Copy and images by Mariam, Year 13)

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