KHS at Capgemini’s Women’s Business Network event “#ILookLikeARoleModel”


On Thursday 13th October, a group of Sixth Form girls were invited to the new Capgemini offices in Holborn to attend the Women’s Business Network event, “#ILookLikeARoleModel”.

During this event, Capgemini’s UK Chair Christine Hodgson, who is a fantastic supporter of Kingsbury High School, introduced the students to the event. Hodgson featured as the 37th most influential women in UK IT 2015 and leads a business that employs 9000 people in the UK. She chairs the Capgemini UK’s Women’s Business Network which aims to attract and retain female talent.

‘’Thank you for joining us for another successful Women’s Business Network, Kingsbury have over the past few years become integral to these events.  Capgemini simply loves hosting you! The girls, as always, with the KHS team were impeccably behaved, curious and willing to engage in the debates.  It was wonderful to see them networking with our Capgemini team – I hope that some of the students will consider becoming Capgemini’ers themselves!  I trust they all enjoyed Sarah Wood from Unruly’s presentation – what an incredible insight into being entrepreneurial she showed us!’’ Michelle Perkins – Director Schools Outreach Programme

The students were incredibly lucky to hear from the guest speaker, the highly successful entrepreneur Sarah Wood, founder of Unruly and named as Veuve Clicquot businesswoman of the year. Wood also champions diversity in the workplace, half her employees are female, and has set up mentoring programmes to help women become more confident in business.

‘’We at Kingsbury are always very fortunate to be invited to the Women’s Business Network events at Capgemini. This year’s event was not only very inspiring but also an educating experience to not only the girls but myself too, as we had the opportunity to hear from Sarah Wood and a number of different role models in the industry. It was great to hear the different backgrounds and experiences that each person had, the different ways that they inspire others and what motivates them. The students came away with good advice and a drive to be a successful woman!’’ Miss Manisha Sanghani – Associate Head of Faculty – Technology

During the evening, Capgemini employees gave interactive presentations and spoke about what makes a good role model and being role models at different points of their career.

‘’Being around such inspirational role models who are women has made me more determined to be successful like they are.’’ Pranesha Bhudia – Year 13

‘’Hearing all the women talk at Capgemini opened my eyes by increasing confidence in myself to fulfil my potential and break stereotypical boundaries by striving for ambitions no matter how difficult they may seem’’ Roshani Vaghashiya – Year 13

 ‘’After speaking to many different successful women at Capgemini, it has boosted my confidence into believing in myself.’’Shivani Patel– Year 13

‘’It was a great experience to talk to inspirational women in the technology world and to learn about everyone’s individuality.’’Jayna Chhabhadiya – Year 13

An experience that further gave me the drive to break the stereotypes. Priyal Bhanderi – Year 13

The students left the event feeling inspired, taking on board the advice and support that was offered to them during the evening.

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