Alumni Day at Kingsbury High


The Year 12 students were treated to a day packed with inspiring speeches and career advice from Kingsbury’s alumni. The aim of the day was to support the students and offer them guidance in their decision making processes they will face over the next couple of years. We were delighted to welcome around 40 alumni, some who left the school in 1975, back to Kingsbury High which proved to be a nostalgic and exciting day for many. Each alumni gave a brief introduction to their achievements in life and how they got there, after which the students had time for some 1:1 conversations with the visitors.

The event created a platform allowing students to share experiences and knowledge. Richard Jamieson who left in 1998 said ‘I am proud to be part of Kingsbury, it gave me a good start and allowed me to grow for what was to come later in life.’

Two fantastic live performances were delivered by Emmavie, a rising star who has featured in the BBC’s music radio output, as well as our current student Zeina Idani. We also got the chance to interview Amelia Cutler, of the critically acclaimed riot girl punk band, Skinny Girl Diet, their first album is due to come out next month, her advice to the students was ‘not to be scared of failure’.

‘Success is more about improvement than hard work, don’t get lost in the crowd, become the best version of yourself’ said Toby Kesavanathan who left 2013 and is currently an Undergraduate Assistant Psychologist.

‘Don’t be told what to do, follow your own path’ advises Nabeel Ansari who left in 2009 had 4 different jobs since graduating from Pharmacy 3 year ago, but has now found his niche in finance.

There certainly was a common theme in the advice to the students in that ‘the road isn’t always straight’, that ‘ it can take a bit of time to achieve your dreams, but as long as you believe in yourself you will get there’ and to ‘follow your own path and don’t take no as an answer’.

Sahar Abas left in 2014 proved that if you have the drive and work hard you can achieve your dreams. She currently studies law at Oxford and during her incredibly successful journey has managed to secure herself a job as a lawyer, her advice is ‘hard work always pays off, always challenge yourself’.

The day ended with inspired students leaving the room, feeling supported and guided whilst the hall was left filled with nostalgia, whether it was reunited friends catching up or former music students playing the piano in the hall ‘like we used to during our lunch breaks’, it was a memorable day for all and we are very grateful for the support we receive from our alumni and delighted to maintain links with them as they make their way in the world.

Further alumni information can be found on our school website and on our alumni features page on our school blog. If you are a former student, you can sign up to our network here.

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