The Accelerated Reader and Units of Sound celebration


On Wednesday, July 13th a celebration was held in the T library for Accelerated Reader and Units of Sound pupils, designed to celebrate our students outstanding achievements.

Accelerated Readers and Unit of Sounds are literacy programmes developed to support years 7 and 8 improve their confidence and skills in literacy (reading, writing, memory, grammar and dictation).

Rachel Kitley presented certificates and prizes firstly to The Accelerated Readers students, who had read 1,882,768 words over the academic year.

They were four Kindles offered as an incentive, the winners were year 8: Muuse Hassan 537.483 word count, Karan Goyal 213,900 word count, Denis Pinzariuc 51,473 word count and year 7: Jaziah Amin 86,766 word count.

80% of Unit of Sounds, year 7 students completed level 1 in reading and spelling. Ali Ali Hussein completed level 1 and 2 in reading, spelling, memory and dictation.

Students feedback was very positive Maria Iona Cerasela said, ‘I really enjoyed Units of Sound, I have seen improvements in my literacy/English work and as a result of Units of Sound I have moved up a level in my English’.


accelerated_reader_130716-7063 accelerated_reader_130716-7069 accelerated_reader_130716-7074 accelerated_reader_130716-7076 accelerated_reader_130716-7079 accelerated_reader_130716-7081 accelerated_reader_130716-7089 accelerated_reader_130716-7097 accelerated_reader_130716-7100 accelerated_reader_130716-7104 accelerated_reader_130716-7108

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