Cancer Research success at Kingsbury High School

Marimar Antypa and Nouah El-Ouaz in year 8 with Ms Snow

Marimar Antypa and Nouah El-Ouaz in year 8 with Ms Snow

On the 12th July during the Year 8 graduation ceremony the KHS students presented a cheque of £2026.90 to Cancer Research. This was a very proud moment for the students and staff who have been working extremely hard on a variety of events organised in order to raise the monies during their yearlong campaign.

Marima Antypa says ‘Students and staff worked hard as a team in order to make a decent amount of money so we can help fight cancer. Everybody involved felt good about the hard work and the money that went towards making a change to someone else’s life. I am very proud of everyone that donated and volunteered and am hoping to do it all again next year. We predicted to raise £1000 and managed to get over £2000 which is a great result and I want to thank the whole team in the school and at Cancer Research.’’

Anthony Selman from Cancer Research who attended the graduation ceremony said ‘’On behalf of Cancer Research UK my enormous thanks for the generous cheque that I was presented with last night. I know that the effort that has gone into raising this money has been monumental and you can all be assured that it will be put to the best possible use in our continuing fight against cancer. ‘’

The campaign launched on the 8th December 2015 during a special assembly during which the Year 8 students got to meet Kingsbury High’s Year 11 charity committee member, Ilyas Solayman and the Year 13 mentors.

Speaking at the assembly, Ilyas said “To me, charity is so much more than just giving or donating money. It’s more about showing love and care to those around you. It’s about understanding the difficult circumstances people are in and doing something for them, making a difference in their lives and expecting no rewards back. It’s about doing something voluntarily even if you are in a better position because sometimes they are not as fortunate as us.

“Charity is quite an emotional and sensitive thing and I believe that we can do lots to help, but to do something personal to us, give us more thought in what we are doing, try to donate things other than money. I try to donate my time, do voluntary work, and donate a book or something. It’s not just giving money when I have money or loose change; it’s about giving thought to what I am doing.’’

Year Leader, Helen Snow, said “We looked at past successful events hoping to inspire a new group of almost teenagers to be thoughtful at a time when the world can be all about themselves.

On Wednesday 16th December Year 8 Kingsbury High School students held their first fundraiser in the form of a Festive Fair which started the collection with an impressive £333.22.

After the success of their Christmas fair and their Valentine’s fair, the students had raised £1830 and 380 students put on their running shoes on Thursday 11th February to complete a 5K run around the school grounds and surrounds.

In June they raised £194 by holding the ‘Soak the Teacher’ event during which the student got the chance to soak the teachers.

Well done to the whole team on this great success!



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