London Debate Challenge


On Thursday 19th May, Kingsbury High School hosted the Brent Borough heat of the London Debate Challenge.

It was an exciting day for our KS3 debating teams, who took part in an English Speaking Union debating workshop in the morning, followed by competitive debating rounds against two other Brent schools, Ark Academy Wembley and Ark Elvin Academy, in the afternoon.
Motions dealt with topical ideas from introducing a sugar tax to banning violent combat sports. Kingsbury’s team, which included students from Year 7 and 8, Kashvi, Bashra, Nouh and Jawad, spoke confidently and convincingly on these topics and held their own against the opposing teams. They were well supported by our swing team, Bejan, Keenal, Mahdi and Humza, who all made contributions in our floor debates.

Congratulations to the champions of the day, Ark Academy: strong speakers and tough competition!

Congratulations, too, to all who participated. All of the participants showed great confidence – one of the most significant benefits of debating, according to the ESU’s James Hardy, who ran the morning workshop and judged the competition. He commented: “Learning debating at school is a great way to get students to think about and care about big issues, to learn how to develop arguments and to learn how to listen to others point of view. The thing I think is most useful, though, is the confidence it inspires. Debating gives them such a clear opportunity, and the growth in confidence from speech to speech is amazing.

“At the ESU, we’re committed to working to empower students to know that their opinion is hugely important, and to give them the skills to express it clearly and persuasively.”

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