The Panathlon Challange


Friday the 29th April saw The Panathlon Challenge come together with Kingsbury High School at Burnt Oak Leisure Centre. The Panathlon Challenge is a national charity that provides sporting opportunities for disabled young people through a number of sporting competitions and events.

Kingsbury High School students had been trained on how to lead the activities that make up the event, during the February half term and were ready to support the wonderful occasion.

Students from West London primary schools attended and competed in games such as Polybat, Boccia and Table Cricket. The gold medal winners were Millbank Academy making them West London Champions.

Chris James, Primary Programme Manager, at Panathlon said “The students from Kingsbury High were excellent role models during the event and the way they interacted with both students and teachers from competing schools was really great to see. Many of them had not worked with students with disabilities before and it was really impressive how they immersed themselves in to the day, got stuck in and made it a safe, fun and enjoyable environment for all of the students taking part. I’d love to use all of these leaders again in the future!”

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