Higher Project Qualification Evening of Achievement


On Wednesday 4th May Tylers and Croft Hall hosted a momentous evening – the very first Higher Project Qualification (HPQ) Evening of Achievement. It was here that over 100, Year 9, students in the Advance track presented a culmination of a year’s work and it was a truly brilliant occasion.

The HPQ, usually aimed for KS4 and KS5 students, requires students to write a 2,000 word essay on a topic of their choice. With this, students are expected to conduct their own research, formulate their own critical arguments and then present their findings to an audience. In this instance, the audience consisted of 12 Kingsbury staff members including Mr Waxman, Mr Watkins, Mr Gibson, Ms Vishnuram, Ms Williams, Mr Tomlinson, Mr Mitchell, Mr Gannon, Mr Wilson, Ms Hollingworth and led by the HPQ Coordinator Mr Patrick Thompson and HPQ Supervisor Ms Ruparelia. Alongside this many sets of parents came along to share in the success of their children.

With topics ranging from gender inequality in sport; transgenderism in the 21st century; the impact of terrorism on religious groups; and the ethics behind animal testing, Kingsbury students shone and deserve to be hugely proud of their work. Many teachers who attended the evening described the work as “inspirational”.

Mr Thompson said “It is quite special to see Year 9 pupils engaging in such a mature and thoughtful way with academic writing and research. I am immensely proud of the students here and hope that the work they have put in this year sets them off in good stead for a successful academic career. With this said, the evening has been made possible by a genuine sense of community at Kingsbury with many teachers giving up their free time to support our students.”

Now Mr Thompson is busy preparingĀ for the next HPQ cohort of current Year 8s.

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