Sport Relief 2016


Students undertaking the Higher Sports Leadership Award (HSLA), affectionately known within the school as ‘Red Shirts’, organised, coordinated and led a number of successful Sport Relief activities on and around Friday 18th March 2016.

Events included cake sales; a guess Mr Waxman’s favourite cupcake competition; wristband sales; an improvised busking event; and an opportunity for ALL students and staff to run or walk the Sport Relief Mile.

The total raised was £1,200.

72 ‘Red Shirts’ also volunteered at the Olympic Park on Sunday 20th March for official Sport Relief duties including manning the registration tents, water stations, medal stations and staffing the route.

Head of Faculty for Physical Education & Extended Learning, Annette Woodrow, said “The HSLA events programme has been a super experience this year. First we had the Cancer Research run with Year 8 and now Sport Relief 2016. The HSLA groups have done us proud. They have been very committed to the task and have really cared about the outcome and the process. Assemblies, cake sales, guess the favourite cupcake, badminton tournaments and of course the run have all combined to give Kingsbury High that wonderful sense of working together for a common purpose. The ‘Red Shirts’ have done an excellent job of leading the student body and we can all be justifiably proud of their skill, determination and spirit. This was again in evidence when 72 of them worked hard at the Olympic Park to make sure that the ‘Big Sport Relief Mile’ was a success. What a superb set of ambassadors.”

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