Launch of ESOL Classes


Monday 7th March saw the launch of the school’s new initiative: English as a Second Language (ESOL) Classes.

The classes have been very successful with both parents and students attending twice a week after school. The sessions have been planned creatively to improve language and communications skills through a range of tasks and interactive activities.

There are currently three classes: a higher and lower ability group for the students and a class for the parents. Each class has lessons tailored specifically to meet the needs of the learners whilst ensuring that their learning is fun and exciting. The lessons for the students involve improving their grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing skills to aid their academic learning and boost their confidence. The parents’ classes consist of learning basic communication and life skills.

Having held lessons for just over 2 weeks, the students and parents shared their views on their experience of the ESOL classes so far.

Parent feedback:

“I am really happy to come to the ESOL classes because I am learning more English and I meet people.”

“I am very happy to be in these classes because I have learnt so many new things.”

“I have learnt new things and met other people.”

Student feedback:

“I like the ESOL classes because I’ve learned lots of things that I didn’t know before.”

“I am learning more English and I have fun.”

“These classes are helpful and interesting.”

“I like the lessons and the teacher because she helps me and teaches us interesting things.”

View our school website for more information.

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