EAL Day: celebrating the diversity of culture at Kingsbury High


On Wednesday 9th March the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Department held a hugely successful EAL Day celebration. The event, which took place largely at lunchtime, saw an impressive cake sale, student performances and quiz competitions including a ‘guess the teacher in the baby photo’ competition.

The day focused on celebrating the diversity of culture at Kingsbury High bringing the school’s learning community together. It was a fantastic opportunity for EAL students to work as a team and share a part of their culture; it was an opportunity to be unified by pride in our students and to celebrate the richness we get from being such a diverse community.

Three EAL students bravely took to the stage to sing: Alexandra and Alessia sang Romanian songs and Oliwia sang an English song. Head of the EAL Department, Ling Dee, said “It is such a joy to see their confidence growing and their happy smiling faces.”
Over 30 students baked a variety of delicious cakes from different countries and also had an exciting experience selling them. Ling added “We most definitely had some worthy contenders for the Great British Bake Off in our midst!”

Thank you to all who contributed and a special thank you to Morrisons, Queensbury for their generous donation of mini Swiss rolls.

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