Keeper of the Realms


Students at Kingsbury High were taken on an adrenalin filled adventure with true tales of travels around the world, capoeira and the culinary delights of deep fried crickets. “If you want to be creative, if you want to get into a creative industry, you need to travel, you need to eat all foods, you NEED to do sports. Opening up your experiences will open your mind and give you an incredible imagination…” explained Author, Marcus Alexander, to his spellbound audience of Year 7 and 8s.

Marcus spoke to students about the protagonist in his Keeper of the Realms books – Charlie Keeper – A teenage girl who has lost her parents and lives with her grandma in a big shabby house. Her lawyer, Mr Crow, is a selfish man who bullies her into handing over her inheritance.

Marcus encouraged students to try new things, have many experiences and to make sure that they get the most fulfilment they can out of life. He ended the session by giving out bookmarks and fun activity sheets to those students who answered his questions correctly. Marcus was also available after the session in the lower school library to answer any questions the students had and for a book signing session.

Library Manager, Tracey Fidalgo, said “Marcus was enthusiastic about writing, and the children were fascinated by his stories, of all the places he’d been and amazing experiences he’d had. He was truly inspirational. We will look forward to his next adventure and students hope to see him at Kingsbury High again very soon.”

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