Discover Your Voice


As a reward for their continuing enthusiasm and commitment to debate club, and to help them prepare for upcoming competitions, a group of 20 Kingsbury students from year 7 and 8 participated in a half day ‘Discover Your Voice’ workshop on the morning of Thursday 25th February.

The workshop, which focused on building their understanding of debating style, structure and argumentation, was led by Matthew Wilmore, an accomplished speaker and debater. His experiences, from being a member of the National Debating Team 2015 and University Debating Champion 2014, to his extensive work for the English-Speaking Union in the US, UK and Belgium, enabled him to give students a real insight into how they could become more successful speakers.

Of the day, Matthew Wilmore said: “Debating is a fantastic skill, which can take you to university and beyond. It was fantastic to see Kingsbury High students engaging in complicated arguments, demonstrating great public speaking skills and growing in confidence. They’re on their way to becoming great debaters.”

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