Holocaust Memorial Day 2016

IMG_8632 KHS students meeting Holocaust Survivor Mrs Salt_web_size
On Wednesday 27th January 2016 Ten Year 10 students joined students from other high schools in the borough to visit JFS School for their annual Holocaust Memorial Day Seminar.

The day included a talk by Mrs Renee Salt, 92 (a survivor of the Holocaust who lived through the horrors of the Lodz Ghetto, Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen); a presentation by Ray Hill (former member of the British far-right BNP who became a well-known informant); and two sessions given by JFS Religious Education teacher, Miss Krieger, on the role of bystanders during the Holocaust and the moral dilemmas associated with the Holocaust.

The attending Kingsbury High students were particularly moved by Mrs Salt’s talk and commented, “It was amazing to hear first-hand the account of Mrs Salt, her story was so heart-breaking – but she was so keen to get her message across: stop hating others, and to try and live together in peace.”

“It is important we learn from the past, the Holocaust was a horrible event, millions died because of their beliefs – we must make sure we stand up to hate, just like Mrs Salt.”

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