Ekow Eshun Visits Kingsbury High School


On Wednesday 27th January we were delighted to offer a talk for some Year 11 and Sixth Form students by Ekow Eshun, a former student who went on to become Head of the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), a highly regarded author (his book ‘Black Gold from the Sun’ was nominated for the Orwell Prize in 2005) and a regular cultural critic on BBC 2’s ‘Newsnight Review’. He is currently a writer and broadcaster on a range of topics, including ethnicity, gender and identity. In addition to these interests, Ekow is in the process of writing a history of Hip Hop music.

It is Ekow’s first visit to the school since he left for university thirty years ago. He has also referred to the school on several occasions in interviews, citing Mr Clive Anderson, a former English teacher at the school and an authority on soul music, as his “inspiration”. Clive was able to attend Ekow’s talk and they were reunited for the first time in years.

Ekow discussed his journey from Kingsbury schoolboy to magazine writer, editor, cultural critic and arts manager, with lots of stories and inspiring observations along the way. He spent an hour addressing the students and responding to questions, and a further hour talking to individuals. He ended his visit with a brief look at K Hall, where he found his brother’s name on the Honours Board.

Thank you to the members of staff who were able to support the talk and to the following Year 11 students – Melanie Thirumanokaran; Isabel Rozanski; Christina Aquino; Braven Vanithas; Sara Dehvari; Ilyas Solayman; Lokmane Kherbane; Nikita Shikotra – for inviting Ekow Eshun to return to the school and thus providing the foundations for this event.

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